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So, the subs says Mako-chan, then she says something else sans subs? What did she say that the translators neglected to sub?
What time is this at? I havent watched the latest episode, so I don't want to spoil too much.
Its vitally important!
Well, my Japanese is very basic so I've tried to break it down into seperate Romanji for us to understand. From what I can tell its:

"Wa, imagoro nani suteru ka naa"

Which, literally speaking is:

"Concerning this subject (wa), at this time (imagoro) what (nani) abandon/give up (suteru) I wonder (ka naa)."

Also, remember that Yoshino doesn't REALLY know Makoto is Mako-chan (possibly), so she is talking about her in absence. Combine that with the segmented translation above, then put it into context and we get sooooooomething along the lines of:

"I wonder if Mako-chan has given up (on completing the homework) by now?"

I'm probably very wrong, but theres no harm in trying.

X_X just released their official .avi version. Maybe we can compare to this if they fixed it?

Downloading anyway.
"shikudai to ieba, mako-chan! ima goro nani shiteru no kana..."
speaking of homework, mako-chan! I wonder what she's doing right now...
X_X is shit

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