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What went wrong?
no genital
the gimick wore off
It didn't end with Eren dying.
it turned into CSI with the police shit in recent chapters.
I can't believe I dropped this, I use to wank to this manga when it first came out, I was engrossed by the humanity is struggling atmosphere, still accepted the titan shift and first twist that was handled well, but right after that the chapters feel like they drag on, they will never get to the basement and it starts to suck a lot after OP's pic.
the art seems like it is for a weekly manga but is not

gj trying to wait for shitty art monthly !
>Introduce plot point
>Introduce something to distract from plot point
>Introduce distraction to distract from the distraction that distracted from the plot point
>Introduce another distraction to distract from the distraction that distracted from the distraction that distracted from the plot point
>Make more Shifters, still no answer to questions
>Make another plot point
>Make distraction etc
>Make another distraction
>Probably forgot Annie is on the rocks
>Probably forgot about the basement
>Probably forgot Monkey Titan
>Answered ONE thing all of a sudden, holy shi- oh, her name is Historia, not Christa.

More questions instead of answers.
Yep this about sums it up.

All that brilliant atmosphere built up in the beginning got killed off by shonen adventures.

I would still like to see where the story goes, the whole "to you 2000 years in the future" chapter intrigues me to this day. But the series simply isn't worth following anymore.
Why don't you ask in the SnK thread?
Why don't you spend your autism bucks on a helium tank and do us all a favor?

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