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Whatever the fuck your wacky off the wall, out there, completely unfounded theories... Put em' out there, this is the thread for it.

Tsumugu is actually Ryuuko's uncle. Kinue was his sister. When her Kamui ripped her to shreds, she was pregnant. Kinue herself was far too injured to save, but the baby, also damaged by the Kamui's rampage, was still clinging to life. Dr. Matoi intervened and saved the child by literally stitching her back together with life fibers. The baby survived as a life-fiber/human hybrid.

KNowing that Ryuujo would be treated like test subject and not given a normal life if anyone knew about her, Dr. Matoi raised her in secret and sent her away as soon as he could to boarding schools to keep her far away from the higher ups at Nudist Breach and his own Research. To this aim, he never even told Tsumugu that he was able to save his sister's child.

-Ryuuko has 'cog' eyes. As this series holds to a lot of sewing and tailoring references (scissor blades, Tsumugus sewing machine Uzis that fire sewing needles...). Because of this, it would hold that Ryuuko's eyes aren't just an aesthetic choice, but actually hold some sort of meaning.

-Her ability to communicate with her Kamui seems unique. No one else can hear Senketsu talk. Even Satsuki, despite her force of will, hasn't been shown to actually be in communication with Jenketsu. In fact, 'force of will' seems to be the only way she's able to keep her Kamui under control. Tsumugu himself, who's obsession with their destruction seems to have made him a bit of an authority on the subject, doesn't believe humans and Kamui can communicate. He's shocked when hears Senketsu's threat against as he (Senketsu) is defending Ryuuko. In my mind, Ryuuko's abily to talk so freely to Senketsu only makes sense if she herself is somehow infused with lifefibers.

Holy shit! I apologize for the TL;DR of this post. I'm drunk and tend to ramble.
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Episode after episode I expect to be blown away. And Trigger never fails to FAIL. I hope I'm wrong this week. I HOPE.
>more cliche morals
>Ryuuko being emo
>more terrible action sequences
>more terrible animation
>characters being boring as sin
>Nudist Beach trying to be relevant/interesting and failing again
>Nui providing the only entertainment
>more hit-and-miss jokes with Mako during the trip
Senketsu's eyepatch is actually a chuuniesque limiter.
No one gives a fuck. Just post Ryuko tits or Satsuki ass already. This show isnt about story
Sensei is Satsukis father
Here's my theory:

>next episode will be shit
Sanageyama will betray Satsuki
The 'cogs' in Ryuuko's eyes aren't meant to look like cogs, but spinning wheels.

A Spider or Silk Worm-themed opponent will be faced.

Satsuki is fighting her mother because she will be told what became of her father after she "wins."

Sensei was a model/assassin ala Zoolander

A foe who increases the powers of his uniform to nigh-Kamui levels via eating Life Fibers will be introduced

Gamagoori will be poisoned by an opponent, making his Shackle/Scourge Regalia useless in protecting him

Monkey will use a real sword in his final battle

The compilations movies will most of KLK's QUALITY.
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ITT: pretentious pseudo-intellectuals over-analyzing an anime made by TRIGGER
who's the guy to the left from tsumugu whose expression doesn't match the situation

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