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Oyasumi punpun Thread
I never understood why the unimportant background character had to get so much character development. It usually didn't pertain to the main story at all and it was boring as fuck or otherwise pointless.

The manga should have just focused on Punpun.
To show that not only Punpun suffers and shit. Just like those scenes of Punpun crying in the background with a shot of the city going its merry way.

Casual reminder Hox won't do a live typesetting for the last volume.
>It usually didn't pertain to the main story at all and it was boring as fuck or otherwise pointless.
I disagree with everything you said, it's one of those stories where every character has something essential to give to the story and in this case it was going with the theme of the dark spot and the human condition of accepting/making the best out of general depression vs finding an ideal happyness.
The side characters and stories add depth to the worldd of Punpun and making cult connections and how it affected Punpun is a reason why I love this manga.
It's also a coming of age story that showed the seperated lives of Punpun and all of his childhood friends.
someone could do a dump when hox releases it and we could get the same effect
He is just asssore that anonymous translated it months before he did.
theres still some days left to vote, maybe he will change his mind if we get more yes votes. its pretty close right now.
Well, they don't have to use 30 or more chapters just for side character stories though. They showed this enough with the uncle and aiko and such. And like you said, there were other ways to accomplish the same thing those side stories were doing.

I don't think the cult ever had anything to do with Punpun; just the poop kid and the fire trauma kid.

>accepting/making the best out of general depression vs finding an ideal happiness.
I'm pretty sure neither of those actually happened; especially in the final chapters. If anything, this manga has taught us depression doesn't go away, you just end up living with it and/or accepting it. In fact, Punpun trying to make the best out of his depression just sank him deeper into the abyss.
Aiko was miserable because her mom became part of that crazy cult and I think her husband left her for some reason releated to that. Punpun's pyramid transformation relates to Pegasus' actions in a previous school where he built a similar triangular pyramid (or square) notifying the structure was perfect and unbreakable, I don't want to write more because a lot of people will already get the symbolism of this and Punpun.
Punpun accepted that there is no ideal happyness but was somehow able to find a more meaningful by destroying the dark spot.
The side characters are also there because Punpun is too self absorbed, the reader needs a break from his narrative and needs to see different kinds of people also suffering for different reasons that also go with the overall theme of the manga
I didnt understand the pegasus side story, does it get resolved or explained in the last volume?
Yes, well even before the last volume, it's pretty much resolved.

Oh shit, didn't get the pyramid connection of Punpun to what Pegasus did at the school.

Thanks for the enlightenment, anon.

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