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Oh shit, it's getting serious. Hold me /a/, I dont think I can handle that any longer
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Lesbians may be cute, but for every lesbian out there there is a heartbroken boy who cant get laid. No wonder that boy from their class remained a background character forever since in any realistic setting he would have fallen in love with the dyke, as she is the only girl around who is not related to him.
>Lesbians may be cute, but for every lesbian out there there is a heartbroken boy who cant get laid.

No, there's just a boy who doesn't care because he's into boys anyway.
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actually it is estimated that almost every third female has experimaented with homosexuality in her life - be it kissing the best friend on the mouth or something similar. for males the number is much, much lower
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most of them don't take it seriously, and the number of actual gays and lesbians is pretty close.

there would be more men who experimented if the stigma wasn't higher.
Those are fake lesbians who want to act cute around boys. Not that I am gay, but I happened to witness /lgbt/ hating on them.
>not gay
>going to /lgbt/
in reality lesbos are disgusting dykes being into shit like social justice, slutwalks, military/police, punk-music etc.

only males with fetishes want scum like that anyway.
Yeah, crop out the watermark of the stream. Surely no one will pick up on what you're doing then.
There are actually guys out there that hate lesbians because they genuinely see them as 'taking' women that might otherwise be theirs?

Wow. I'd always wondered if it was possible, but dismissed it as too ridiculous to be plausible. Wow.
Hey, I am from /pol/; I can't be gay. I just wanted to check what they were up to.
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>Hey, I am from /pol/; I can't be gay.
I am too lazy to torrent separate episodes and there is still no batch in english, only in spanish
Its a little different setting, but many men assume that the biggest humiliation for a man is for his girlfriend to cheat with a woman or break up because of a woman.

it's almost like losing to a guy with a microdick.
fucking scum, the likes of you
I bet you use a mac

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