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He either wiped his blood on it, or dripped blood on it while it was on his lap. Tonegawa is WRONG.

Goddamn cliffhangers.
Kaiji plays slave.
Episode 21 is basically. Cliffhangers made into an episode.
Actually no, he left it on the two and faked the switch so Tonegawa would discover the trap and trap himself.
File: 1204688681748.jpg (61 KB, 377x480)
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He made it look like he switched out the slave card to get blood on two citizen cards... but he was hoping that Tonegawa would notice the switch, and come to that conclusion! In reality, he only switched one citizen for another. The second card is a slave.
op here: yeah I forgot to say I thought it was slave. I still think he put the blood on though.
theres no way he thought that fast. He saw his opening and ran for it, but got caught slightly.
He wouldn't have planned for the chance that he would look back.
>>He wouldn't have planned for the chance that he would look back.
That's exactly what he planned for. He waited until he had Tonegawa's attention to spread the blood. He counted on Tonegawa's arrogance and observation to notice something fishy about the bloodstains. It's your classic reverse psychology trap.

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