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File: Sakura4chan.png (402.46 KB, 850x325)
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402.46 KB PNG
I really would like to wonder what kind of woman Sakura would grow into. Of course taking into consideration she will more likely be married to Syaoran by the time. Will she be working or studying bu that age? Will she be a housewife? I like to think she'll like to excercise and do sports with her family and friends. How the guardians and the cards fit in her adult life? All those details are very interesting to ponder about.
She'll lost her memory and travel on time and dimensions seeking for some feathers
She'd become a huge slut, first having been introduced to cock by her brother at the age of 9.
Uh, mmm, well, this is awkward.
File: SakuraVS.jpg (124.41 KB, 750x1101)
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Thank lord the CLAMP's cleared the mistake and declared the Sakura's from TRC separate beings from CCS Sakura Kinomoto.

And even if they haven't i would have done it for them.
She died, in order to save watanuki/sayoran TRC.

No. Sakura died because Clamp was killed on an accident and the editor replaced them with a pair of hobos and a heroin addict.
File: SakuraHigh.png (270.95 KB, 800x800)
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270.95 KB PNG
Nah, she just gave her Star Wand to one of TRC Sakuras for a reason i can't remember and returned to her happy successful life.

By the way, is there some good fan art of grown Sakura? I has been searchign long and most of it is pretty amateurish.

Pic kinda related.
File: Idreamofsamantha.gif (218.81 KB, 1053x768)
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218.81 KB GIF
She would be a submissive housewife trying to hide her powers from the world while her husband went to work everyday. Usually causing unseen mischief in his daily life as a result.
File: mangascan_004.jpg (27.67 KB, 308x187)
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27.67 KB JPG

i barely remember other stuff..
And after getting rid of her wand her new way to cast magic will be by doing a weird gesture with her nose?
File: Sakura_evil.jpg (250.05 KB, 1440x1080)
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250.05 KB JPG

Sakura invented her own magic style in season 3. And Crow said she had to potential to grow even more powerful as time went on. So why not?
Oh yeah i remember it, the toy duplicate that can make sounds.

Does that mean Yuuko had access to a universe where CCS was an anime franchise?

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