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Why was this piece of shit so popular?
I was watching it on Netflix and it was another generic beta male, a kawaii desu ne loli and fucking stupid "adventures" anime. I sure do love the porno sites, though. Can't get enough porno sites, I don't think I can fit the words porno sites enough into porno sites this porno sites fucking porno sites post.
>typing like an idiot
Awesome beginning of an awesome thread.
10/10 op
Wish fulfillment
Forgot to mention that I was watching the dub, too.
I wish this was bait.
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This. The same reason Amagami and nearly all similar shows are popular. Beta male insert anime.

And the fact that he chose Chii instead of Yumi was just one of a long line of series having the genki/ara ara always lose.
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The better question is why BONES never made a second season to Angelic Layer.

oh wait.

>second season

Nevermind. I figured it out.
Angelic Layer was mediocre.
The fights were fun but the story was completely retarded.
Yumi was the only logical choice.
>watchin anime on netflix

In your opinion. I think it was the best anime adaptation of a CLAMP series after CardCaptor Sakura. That's why it needed a second season. Because they added so much more to the story that the only actual plot points that got concluded was that Icchan and Misaki's mom got married. Everything else was building up to a second season that never came.
landwhales like this shit

So you're telling us its your favorite anime?
They like being treated like the objects they are?

Why is it popular among teen female weeaboos?
I watched this when I was like 13 and thought all romance anime was shojo. I fucking loved it because I thought it was 2deep but I honestly forget everything besides that he had to stick his hand up her vag to turn her on. And I just now got that joke.
That's juvenile.
God-tier OP and general soundtrack.
But they completely changed the OTP's for no fucking reason.
>not wanting to push Chii's button.
Are you a fag?
In reality it would be the same as doing a manual shutdown and reboot to your tower PC. Nothing spectacular.
For some reason I hated that they got Chi's hair and eye color all wrong.

It says right in the back of each manga that her hair is ivory and her eyes are amber. Not light blond and brown.
>Watching a Dub
>Watching on Netflix
instant cute girlfriend that likes everything you like is a sure hit among anime fans
Because this was Sugita's first job as the main char
I suspect it's the fact that you have two lovers who can't consummate making it <3~*~PURE LOVE~*~3>
More like it gave up that one day there will be robot sex slaves. On day.

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