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KLK thread, my fansubs are better than your fansubs edition.

Why didn't any fansubs call this thing the "Bloody Knuckle"?
Not even DameDame did that.
Friendly reminder that Senketsu isn't dead and all is part of the keykaku, also nui best girl.
I wish DameDame went ahead and did G Gundam level shit translations that are so hype you don't give a fuck.
I mean, fuck man >>100324317
"Bloody Knuckle"
>Bloody Knuckle
>Implying that isn't going to be her finisher
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Old thread deleted
Continuing the discussion about Kamuis and their powers, needs, wants etc.

Anyway, what about Satsuki forcefully wearing Junketsu and Ryuuko partnering with Senketsu?
It would seem that Junketsu doesnt want to be worn.
It occurred to me that this new arc of KLK is the Panty and Stocking S2 we never got

>Important character reveals shocking secret
>Beloved character cut into tiny bits
>Will have to travel the countryside to collect all of the bits
Does anyone have that one picture that explains how Kill la Kill is actually about female empowerment?
File: image.jpg (16.68 KB, 256x240)
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16.68 KB JPG
>female empowerment
>dress in revealing clothes
>female empowerment
Yes, it's about how dressing in revealing clothes is empowering for females.
And males too, that's why nudist beach exists.
you forgot
>strip men and other women naked
It's pretty obvious Junketsu is mindless power.
The closest thing I can think of for a voice would just be generic satanic noises.

That or gilber gottfried if you go the humor route.

And again, Maybe Senketsu ISN'T different, and it's in fact Ryuuko who by being the living doll she is, was able to bond with him, calm him down, talk with him, and eventually for a friendship.

Even if it isn't because Ryuuko is a doll, there is a blatant domination of Junketsu on Satsuki's part.
I wouldn't be surprised if he can actually talk, and is instead silenced by Satsuki, in favour of just stealing his power for herself.

It would also fit, given that rejection of a Kamui places a heavy burden on oneself, that by rejecting the heart of a Kamui you still reject it just as potently. Specifically how Satsuki is sort of inhuman in how she acts like a person would if they were embodying an ideal.

Am I making sense here?
Ryuuko has heart, and a bond with Senketsu because she never got a chance to be a little girl/kid.
Satsuki lacks heart, and has a strained relationship with Junketsu at best through rejection of her emotions.

Dude, if lady's were built like dudes and dudes were built like lady's we wouldn't have genders.
But we do.
Women aren't built like guys.
Women develop bodies, a womans body is her most powerful asset in a biological sense.
And that shit's hardwired into society.
But society wants to move forward, beyond just looking at each other on a surface level.
And part of doing that is accepting what one is, not necessarily who one is.
Ryuuko is a lady, a sexy lady, but it's not who she is.
She does things out of raw hate, the fact that Senketsu is skimpy is the least of her concerns after Tsumugu shows up and kicks off the fan shitting.
Kill la Kill doesn't say women ARE just bodies, just that women HAVE female bodies.
You will never console Ryuuko, whispering softly to her as she sobs into your shoulder, you will never feel the salty tears stain your shirt and soak them, as she hugs you in a vice-like embrace, almost catatonic with sadness
seemed to me it wanted to be worn by satsuki bad enough that they had to pin it to the wall.

She probably just has to force it not to eat her, unlike Senketsu, who wants to protect Ryuuko and even warns her when they both start to lose it.
Nudist beach is about how we view clothing.
How as much as we like to define ourselves on our sense of, admittedly fabulous, sense of fashion.
The clothes you wear only go so far for who you are, after all cloth isn't actually a part of you.
Rather the reverse is true, clothing is an indicator of who you are, that you choose yourself. You aren't defined by your clothing.

After all, underneath our clothes, we're all naked.
>Implying I wouldn't be crying more than Ryuuko at the death of best boy.
Didn't she say something later like "You were crying" to Senketsu during the berserk transformation.

I thought he was just giving in to his demon side because of Ryuuko's sheer anger overcoming him.
I had no idea he was in pain.

Fucking hell trigger, why do I care this much about a shirt.
He's also a skirt.
He's the Jersey Devil.

It's weird actually when you realize the skirt is his chin.
Basically whenever Ryuuko is wearing him, he's perpetually going
I don't keep things of tumblr-shit level.
To be fair, KLK is actually about teenage girls being comfortable with their own bodies.
It's Ryuuko's main source of power when Senketsu is active.

It's just that it's so blunt you have to be tumblr level to not see it/ignore it.
File: Guts intensifies.gif (160.75 KB, 175x175)
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It's already Thursday here

There is no other animu character who has made me feel like Ryuuko does
File: fpoba.jpg (10.42 KB, 150x199)
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10.42 KB JPG
>tfw have to be at work 30 minutes before HS release episode 14
Its thursday already past fag
I'd like to go to work tomorrow.
I'm going to some sort of group therapy thing this entire week though because, well I'd rather not bore you.
Point is shit sucks and I'd rather just be at my job getting paid if I'm going to miss KLK.
Guts intensifies because the site says
File: senketsutransformed.png (1.38 MB, 1280x2160)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
Yeah, short version of it.
>you have to be tumblr level to not see it/ignore it.
Exactly; it's so obvious it's hardly worth mentioning. It's acting as if the transformation-is-adolescence theme that has been to some extent in most every magical girl show for decades is somehow new and subversive or a "parody" of other shows, is just plain stupid.

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