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Of course it won't work, idiot. That's clearly an American Express card, and nobody takes those.

What the hell is a Japanese person doing having an AmEx card? This is the first time I've ever seen one in anime.
>never seen a cirrus card before
It's basically Mastercard, you fuck.
Mastercard is even worse. NOBODY takes those.

I think maybe it's a mashup of an Amex and a Mastercard.
I've used both overseas in China
Damn elevens declining every gaijinshit card
I was a manager of a bookstore for years. In order to accept running cards in your store you need to pay the credit card companies a percentage fee.

Mastercard charges your business 3-5% per transaction
Visa charges the same, about 3-5% per transaction
Discover charges about 8 or 9% per transaction

American express charges your business 20% per transaction.

So if someone comes in and buys a $100 textbook American express charges you $20 for the privilege of letting your customer pay with an American express. This is why American Express is accepted nowhere. Only large companies that can absorb such a stupid % cost are willing to accept them.

Well, who do you THINK pays for all your fucking rewards, American Express? HAH!

Anyway, any business that doesn't except Mastercard won't accept cards at all, there is no difference between them and Visa. Most places accept Discover.
>Mastercard is even worse. NOBODY takes those.

Where the fuck do you live that convenience stores don't accept Mastercard and AMEX?
No, no. Nevermind where. Let me tell you why you think nobody takes those: Because you live in a bad 'hood.
Discover has an alliance with JCB, so it will probably work better in Japan than any other card. Odd because it has legendarily poor acceptance elsewhere.
>Mastercard is even worse. NOBODY takes those.

Total nonsense.
Not him but combinis stopped accepting mastercards since April 2013, the only way to withdraw money was to go at the fucking post office.
YEah, when I used to work for a guy that owned his own store. We used to take every credit card, but he eventually got so pissed off at discover and AE that we started denying those cards.

Besides the bullshit charges they were also holding our money for several days in order to gain interest on it before moving it to our accounts.

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