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>Was about to instagib Seiya
>loses to bronze saints

The power of friendship is broken as fuck.
>Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio into a single person
She was the Queen of Jobbers.
I liked her character design, what a pity
Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius for Titan on the other hand. The guy's luck must be amazing.
File: 324356789.gif (77.64 KB, 160x142)
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77.64 KB GIF

>expecting anything else
>from a saint seiya spin-off
File: zenkichiallheart.jpg (706.66 KB, 849x1300)
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706.66 KB JPG
Shounen power rankings

1. Friendship
2. Justice
3. Love (if you're the right girl)
>Making sense
Shit is full of asspulls and non-sensical crap even for SS's extremely low standards
The music is nice, hate how they ruined the new OP with sound effects though
The music is nothing special and Yokoyama's godtier OST made it even worse by comparisson.
File: seiya athena.jpg (416.38 KB, 425x600)
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416.38 KB JPG
Did anyone notice how nobody ever give a fuck about SeiyaxSaori but the entire fandom lost its shit with Kouga?
The SS fandom is THAT desperate for any kind of conclusion, even a GT-tier. Unfortunately Toei couldn't delivered and Kurumada will die in our lifetime.
>Shit is full of asspulls and non-sensical crap even for SS's extremely low standards

The execution was bad, both due to a weak animator and weak writing this episode, but they had been foreshadowing this power up for a while. More than half of season 2. It's hardly out of nowhere.
The fandom try to ignore that Kouga isn't Seiya and Saori's bastard offspring. Fucking Kouga! He had just one job and he screwed it
>SS then: Power ranking inspire by Buddhism (7th and 8th sense)
>SS now: Da omega because it's in the title, amirite
>That old school villain attire
I hope Legend of Sanctuary won't suck
File: Orfeoperspectiva.jpg (19.46 KB, 400x300)
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19.46 KB JPG
Who is the kind of QUALITY? Omega or Hades post-Sanctuary?
At least Hades had Shingo Araki's character design until the very end

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