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File: sekai.jpg (238.12 KB, 1022x1500)
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So I finally bothered finishing this series from last season. I went in expecting ryona and fanservice, but got a surprisingly enjoyable plot and a fun final fight out of it. The show could have done without the stupid idol shit, though. It would have been better if Sakura was just a normal girl joining the team instead.
That and it could have done with some wardrobe malfunctions and nip slips.

tldr: I watched this show for the plot, how about you?
I watched it with /wooo/ and laughed at how awful it was
Yeah, me too, I guess.
I saw parts of it with /wooo/ and by myself.

I was mostly laughing at it.
pretty terrible
gibu appu
Anyone here played the eroge Lesring? I think fans of Sekai would love to play it./
is dis show a gud ecchi
i like how their thighs look
File: RKO.gif (2.60 MB, 408x239)
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I like wrasslin but still dropped it after 2 episodes.
File: Wrestling10.gif (2.67 MB, 400x225)
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Gonna watch this for the VA porn.
File: Technique.gif (1.16 MB, 800x450)
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Those specials are pretty good.
Most of it was shit save for the final fight. I don't even know why I didn't drop the show by the 3rd episode. At least it got me to start watching Hajime no Ippo, whatever the connection to that show may be is lost by me too.

Watching it with /woo/ would have been a blast.
File: saofihj.gif (567.84 KB, 300x225)
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So much wasted potential.
More Joshi-pro, less fucking pandering to dipshits.
File: 1384095495284.gif (756.85 KB, 480x270)
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756.85 KB GIF
File: booyaka booyaka.gif (1.29 MB, 480x270)
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1.29 MB GIF

I just wanna see wrasslin moves on 2D
File: BOOYAKA BOOYAKA 619.gif (2.44 MB, 560x315)
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2.44 MB GIF
I looked forward to watching it while it aired, I love the "underdog in sports" genre. It wasn't great but i enjoyed it and that final fight was fun to watch.
File: Rey-Mysterio.png (338.16 KB, 490x582)
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rey mysterio mind
Can we just get a WWE anime? Ever since Kokoro Connect had those posters of John Cena and the Undertaker I've been craving it.

Also shiiiiit, dat 619!
I think you mean Ring-Out.

god how much did I fap to that

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