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Which anime exceeded your expectations, and why were your expectations so low for it in the first place?

Picture related, after Chaos;Head being fucking terrible I never expected Steins;Gate to be as enjoyable as it was. I wouldn't give it the critical acclaim most people give it, but I had a lot of fun watching it.
Fuck off
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K-On, as someone who never really got into SoL anime, K-On won me over with how natural the characters chemistry is, not to mention it was really nice seeing them grow as characters during the second season. Never expected this show to get me teary eyed.
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I guess you could say Madoka Magica, but virtually everyone had the same "hurr durr girly shit" thoughts of it after the first two episodes. Wasn't really excited about it at all to begin with regardless.
The dark fantasy elements and some popular tropes that were deconstructed midway through the series, plus a sad-as-fuck tenth episode won me over.
>but virtually everyone had the same "hurr durr girly shit"
Except for /a/. Everyone knew shit was up when we saw the Saya no Uta guy on the writing staff.

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