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So...For the past few hours, I sent in like literally a hundred resumes to places online...Why isn't there a comp may that tries to go out and emotional everyone? I'm talking..reaching out and getting them.employed:

a company that aggressively tries to systematically employ everybody. It'll have the most comprehensive job finding site on the internet, as well as staffing agency that will seek out to employ people, amongst other ways

Establish healthy relationships with all companies and employers

Employ people for long term careers(one-off jobs will be supplied in the meantime)

be the official way that all businesses and employers hire through, by creating an ambitious system that'll certify everybody for all jobs.

Figure out a way to make this one of the most profitable companies out there.

create central hub for all casual work that homeowners/farmers/etc need - Will be superior Craigslist

Whay could go wrong?

cmon guys let's get a discussion going
You realize this is /a/, right?
Or are you talking about this as a plot for a sci-fi anime? Cause if we are, we could have the MC be a guy that this computer/website randomly assign him bad/ill-fitted jobs all the time, and he will thus get to know a harem of girls working at this company.
I say we need
>the neko tsundere interviewer
>the tomboy mailgirl
>the milf receptionist
>the clumsy megane that works in IT
Any more you guys are thinking of?
>the milf receptionist
Best girl.
wrong board man

The Ara ara~ shacchou that ultimately employs you much to the chagrin of the neko tsundere interviewer
Literal fanservice bait

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