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You guys fucking lied to me.

>abusive purple haired girl
>sleepy teacher
>retarded pink haired girl
>autistic blonde haired girl
>unrespected delinquent wannabe

Is this actually funny? does it get better? Because I don't know if best girl can carry the show alone.
If I watch this and she's not best girl you're fucking dead m8.
Fuck off, retard.
It only has 2 episodes but I can already see her as the best girl.
She definitely is best girl, but Tama-chan-senpai comes close much later.
The gags revolve around things that are made-up serious, and rely heavily on MC's power of tsukkomi, which is apparently his special ability or something. Basically none of it makes sense, but I like it anyway.

No need to force yourself, though. Takao is the best girl anyway. Well, I would also recommend hanging in there until Funabori appears, too.
>shizuka itou voice
>deliciously tsundere
>dat dairy farming wonderland
Takao a best girl.

No contest.
This episode definitely redeemed the show for me, and I will be holding out for Takao, but I still don't find it very funny so far.
Same here, I found the first ep pretty bad and all the girls looked like unlikable bitches but this episode was a lot better.

Finally a cute girl gets introduced and the blonde girl ended up being more likeable after this ep, I hope it gets even better in the next ep.

Purple and pink are still bitches though, with purple being the biggest bitch of the club.
If seasonal waifus were aloud, she would be mine
When are they going to introduce those girls?
Soon, but not soon enough.
When is this soon? Im curious about those girls

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