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So I just finished watching the 6th episode of Monogatari season two and how the fuck did Araragi eat that sword? I questioned myself this earlier before the summary. Wtf. And if he ate it how it end up in his leg? Do his fucking intestines go to his legs? How was the sword not sticking out of his body? Why the fuck is there a summary? I swear this novel was written like the new testament because it is the same fucking story just told different. All the dialogue is slightly different. Why? Are the creators of the monogatari series God now? Are they really God? Is the monogatari series the new new testament? You see I don't fucking understand why the bible had to retell the same god Damon story different 4 times and I don't understand why the monogatari series is doing the same shit. #illuminati2014 because some serious conspiracy shit is going on right now.
I need that shit you are smoking
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I can't tell if you're serious or not so have a reaction picture
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So what's everyone's general consensus on power rankings? I usually see monkey and bee pretty high, how about snail?

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