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>both of them over 18
>living togather since two years
>going out since one year
>the guy does all the chores
>he should asks for a permission to even hug the girl
>they kissed only twice
>the girl always arguing with the guy how fucking pervert he is
>every chapter starts with how sexually frustrated MC is, but ends up that it's okay if literally nothing happens because only his feelings matter
>all of their friends doing like rabits

Name a worse manga than Pastel!
Protip: You can't
Fuck you. Pastel isn't as good as it could have been, but it's by no means the worse manga ever.
I'm sure OP meant worst YOU ever read. Thought he is completely wrong in it being that bad. Maybe he just started and wanted to complain since he didn't have anything better to do with his ample free time.
How to fit in on /a/
>Start reading a manga
>Assoon as you find something you don't like immediately stop reading and bookmark
>Shitpost on /a/
>Go back to reading it and wait for replies
>Name a worse manga than Pastel!
>Protip: You can't
I'm sure he said something else.

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