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hey /a/ making my first post here ever just to make a simple request.

Is there any anime (besides the animatrix) that has a gnostic theme to it?
go away /x/
Can you give me the names of any?
remind me what Gnosticism is and perhaps I'll be able to tell you
Basically gnosticism (as I know it) is more or less about "us" being in a dream/matrix and the gnostics would be those that are awakening and discovering that reality is an illusion
Dragon Balll Z
Reminder that the rec thread spammers are active at this hour, any rec are the spammers samefagging trying to get you angry, don't get angry and just make fun of the retarded newfag OP.
I could lurk moar but I'm not really into anime and mangoo, I just want to watch something like this to see if it comes close to how things really are don't ask what or why because it would be too complicated to explain
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Revolutionary Girl Utena is.
It even directly quotes an gnostic work in the series.
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Wow! You sound like such a deep and unique individual
File: 1376526961422.jpg (42.19 KB, 466x478)
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>don't ask what or why because it would be too complicated to explain
I'm not ripping on you for thinking. May anyone that downplays independent thought die a horrific death. But at least try not to make yourself sound like a newly enlightened 14 year old next time. One thing you'll learn as you mature intellectually and emotionally is realizing that you're not a lone wolf surrounded by sheep. People have plenty of capacity to understand.
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/r/ing some good anime available in english dub
inb4 troll
No I'm just not interested in explaining anything to anyone. I don't doubt other people's intelligence, I don't even consider myself more "out there" than others, it's just a question about how open minded you are.
You're right on that at least. Good for you for pursuing rational thought. I know you're probably about 16, but you're on your way.

Don't lose that open mindedness of yours, I made that mistake once.
I'm only posting here because that gif is from one of my favorite bokaroido songs.

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