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Were you part of any niche fandoms that have departed this world for the afterlife?

This is the one I miss the most for inexplicable reasons. I really want to make translations and doujin, but I know nobody is interested but me. So sad. So many (mostly terrible) fics unfinished.
File: key00.jpg (32.47 KB, 400x400)
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We were a niche fandom, in a nich genre, in a niche hobby.

I can't think of any Key the Metal Idol websites that had a working forum. Just pics and blogs.

Also, Studio Pierrot/Pony Canyon disabled the official site as of 2012 :_:

It only exists here and now. I wonder if there's a way to save that moving file on the main page?

>Key the Metal Idol
Shiiiiiit. KTMI was good, though I wasn't part of the fandom.

I don't know what file you mean. The flash file? Should be.
Yeah, the pic of her on the main page that's flashing. How does one save site date like that?
There was something in that show that made me really mad. I won't be too specific but it was a giant plot hole that could be easily overlooked. Aside from that it was pretty good.
Gonna have to be more specific than that.

That's the file. :D It should stand alone as a file with the Flash player.
Go ahead and spoil, it's so old by now that nobody cares.
File: gokudo-.jpg (36.26 KB, 400x481)
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gokudo kun manyuki
I know nothing about this. Who's it by?

Just another adaptation of a light novel that will never be translated. To bad, I fucking loved the character and anime. Hard to find an evil main character that actually succeeds...some what
Ahh. I've been picking through my BH novels but my Japanese is amateur, otherwise I'd share my translations. It's so frustrating to know there's all this PLOT out there....
The problem is /a/ is mostly people under the age of 25 who have just started watching anime regularly in the last 5 years, and who do not care for anything except what is currently airing.

I seriously wish there was an /ar/ (anime-retro) board.
This kid is seriously just the bastard child of Lina and Gourry.

As for OP, I wish I had been born 10 years earlier, so I could have enjoyed all of the obscure 90s anime at the height of their popularity. I always want to draw fanart of older series, but I know no one in this era will ever appreciate them. ;_;
>I seriously wish there was an /ar/ (anime-retro) board.

Agreed. I know the argument is that it would be slow and not everyone would be watching at the same time, thus hazy memories of the series, but at least there would be a place to talk about old series and know that there is an audience for translations/doujins/etc.
>I seriously wish there was an /ar/ (anime-retro) board

Yeah i'd go for this
It works for /vr/ and /m/, which is basically that except it doesn't allow for anything but mecha unfortunately.
thanks you!
File: tenchi beatles.jpg (42.03 KB, 444x262)
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I'm tempted to say the Tenchi fandom.

Reason: Not so much for a lack of trying on the fans part, but because the series has been left to rot/got out of the limelight, and there's no content on the horizon.

But still not quite as dead as other fandoms, I will admit.
We revert to our old faggoty selves in the nostalgia thread?
How ironic.

Thanks man, I want to learn Japanese just for this; but I cant get anywhere. I learned Haragana, and I'm trying the core 2k 6k deck for aniki. progress is little to non.

Even so, this and those who hunt elves are the 2 series i wish i could read. You don't get these types of series anymore.


Ah slayers, it amazes me how it managed to just burn out. Even the translated novels are a bitch to collect.
>I seriously wish there was an /ar/ (anime-retro) board.
This would be awesome.

Hey, you can always watch them now! Just no fandom to get involved in.

Tenchi wasn't exactly niche, but I know what you're saying.

Learning Japanese is difficult without classes, for most people.

I do that no matter what thread it is.
Then fuck off back to whatever shithole you crawled out of.
File: ako.jpg (160.62 KB, 600x746)
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Shh, no hate.

Only lost dreams now.
Please gb2 /b/, with the other underage folks. This board is for anime/manga discussion.

Hilarious people are so mad at ascii faces. :D
So I was a teen when I saw that. I had to convince my mother that the M rating was a mistake because they assumed all anime was porn, and that it was just because there was a lesbian character. Was there really a fandom?
>thinking shitty emoticons were ever tolerated on /a/
Your new is showing
Yeah, you go back to /v/
File: 1381210522852.jpg (31.52 KB, 463x472)
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feels like yesterday, now the newfags thing NNB is original same for the fags who think renge-chon is not a chiaki clone
Only read the first 3 volumes, years ago.
Was it actually any good in the end?
Ako was pretty popular stateside, but back in the days of fansubbed VHS.
Shit, there's even an anime convention named after it.
File: dirtypair.jpg (44.36 KB, 400x667)
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44.36 KB JPG
>/ar/ - (anime-retro)

For the love of god yes
Stay 16, friend.

Honestly? The anime is fucking terrible. The manga has some glaring flaws. The characters are enjoyable, the humor is funny if it's your type. But series like Slayers or Saiyuki, which had similar concepts, handled it all waaaay better.

I have huge nostalgia glasses for BH, but it's not genius by any means. Likable characters, interesting setting, but a lot of character development flopped or was intentionally ignored by the author (due to assumption that target audience wouldn't like it).
....which is why I want to make a doujin, by the way. A sort of re-set fanon series. Maybe I'll do it anyway.

Fanon was terrible in the late 90s/early 00s, by the way. Massive levels of stupid. Bisexuality was anathema to people, for example.
The fact that she let her only real friend die when she could have easily saved her.
I replied earlier but captcha ate my post, sorry for the delay.
But she couldn't. She had the power in her, sure. But she didn't know how to use it and was at a point in the story when she was terrified of the power within and scared to call on it like she tried for the kid in Prince Snake Eye's shrine.
The fact that her best friend/half sister was dying should have evoked an emotional response large enough for her to use her ability whether or not she (unawakened) wanted to use it.
>Be fan-fic writer.
>Start and complete many fics.
>Start a Sora no Woto fic where Kanata and Aisha form a secretive relationship despite their nations being at war.
>Never finish it.
>Might outsource it to Hentai Foundry.
Key didn't understand death yet. To her, it was just like powering down.

In the end she figured it out, and rescued Sakura's spirit out of the tons of other gel.

So it sucks that it happened (I hated that it happened) but it still makes sense. Sakura's gel was locked up in Ajo Industries.
File: kare kano.jpg (39.03 KB, 257x400)
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Good times, when we watched VHS and stuff.
ren-chon > catshit > dogshit > chiaki
Unfinished fics are the bane of the internet.

A friend of mine was into that but I was avoiding shojo at the time. Worth it?
File: bh_chotto.jpg (33.05 KB, 200x286)
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33.05 KB JPG
OP here. If anyone is interested, I'm working a shit-terrible translation of "Chotto Dake Kaettekita Bakuretsu Hunter", the two-part mini sequel to the manga. I'll be posting it around once I've got a rough draft, so if anyone is interested and translates better, maybe they'll fix my mess.

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