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Hey, someone was talking about REDLINE yesterday, and it reminded me of something about it.

So I know Trava is from Trava Fist Planet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqPRgMlWEUI
but I saw something in a video of the Super Boins.
Specifically here:
That sequence wasn't in Redline.
But I can't find any information on it without combing through the entirety of Studio Madhouse's works.

My question is how many characters from Redline are actually characters Madhouse already made?
That's from the original teaser/trailer for REDLINE.
File: REDLINE SUPERPIMP.jpg (336.13 KB, 1864x1048)
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YES TY OP! I almost missed my daily UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ.

Characters and art style are different (but I get your point) Lately I've been on a mad search through Redline and Trigun movie for the odd cross-over.

However I think the whole Trava-Redline thing is more like prototype vs finished product.


whoops forgot tha UNTZ

>You'll never watch an anime about LynchMan & JohnnyBoya in their bounty hunting adventures
i'd be happy with a spin-off movie too
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I downloaded and listened to the Redline OST back in summer and have listened to songs from it every week since, why the hell is it so good.

>LynchMan & JohnnyBoya
>Curse of Speed Nebula

All my dosh
File: image.jpg (83.22 KB, 1280x720)
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>you will never race in the galaxy's most important circuit, Redline
>you won't be the target of every military asset that RoboWorld owns
>you won't experience the feel of using some of those nitro capsules and accelerating to almost 10G
>Sonoshee or the Super Boins will never give you head
I'd settle for a Redline game by the F-Zero GX devs.

Oh yes please. I settle for a reskin of KillCars.
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Give them seven years of handdrawing
Fund it.

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