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Just finished watching Sword Art Online.

I loved the first part, it was pretty much everything I expected a situation like that would be like, but then went they went to Alfheim it became pretty uninteresting until the last few episodes.
I was really rooting for Kirito and Asuna throughout the entire thing because they made such a good team. I almost wanted them to stay in that cabin longer and enjoy an idyllic life.

Does anyone know if they are going to make another season and if so what it will be about?
i haven't watched sword art online. is it some code lyoko shit?
never heard of it
>Liking Stu Art Online

Step it up, Mr. B8man
New series was confirmed the other day, but I'm not sure who's in it... It's called Gun Gale Online

Hm, thanks for the info I will check it out.
Fuck off with your shit taste.
ok what am I supposed to like then? please tell me
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Use this checklist:

>Does the main character have a harem?
>Does the main character have special powers that no one else has because of stuff that happened to the main character?
>Does the main character act angsty?
>Does the main character act oblivious to almost all love around him?
>Does the main character break the laws of the universe in order to defeat the antagonist?
>Does the main character have a name like Kirito?

If you use this list, you'll be /a/pproved in no time.

1. The first half was better than the second half because it was padded with supplementary material. Every episode that didn't specifically focus on Kirito and Asuna was added well after the first novel was published. Even the first episode was supplementary material.

2. The author realizes the story is shit. He wrote it when he was young and inexperienced. So much so that on his next story, he made the main character as ugly and unlikable as he could, and made the far superior Accel World.

3. They still have a shit ton of these shitty novels to adapt. Go read wikipedia about them or something.

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