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I'm not sure if I will get any serious responses, but I'm hoping to find a couple new series to watch, but I'm pretty picky.

I want a show that has a great plot without any of the following:

obvious and consistent fanservice (once in a while is fine)
harem shit
uguu shit
predictable story

I'd also like it to have been made in the last decade if possible

some of the recent animus I really liked:

monogatari series
higurashi series

any suggestions? thanks in advance
I'd like to watch some good cartoons, too, but we can't all have what we want.
How much are you willing to pay?
1k dogecoin
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you niggers are worse than /v/, they may complain about shitty games but you guys just praise shitty anime
Reminder that the rec spammers are active at this time, any kind of rec are them just trying to stir some shit, ignore that and don't get angry.

OP is probably one of them too.
but i'm not, i genuinely just want some good animu to watch

if you autists had just recommended 3 shows or so, I would have just left and this thread could have died
That encourages shit threads like this. Boku no pico.
Master of Martial Hearts
Don't respond nigger.
What about Kodomo no Jikan?
>I want a show that has a great plot without any of the following:
>obvious and consistent fanservice (once in a while is fine)

>liked monogatari series

what a hypocrite

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