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>Love interest and MC alone in room
>Love interest comes onto MC on her own
>childhood friend/sister/female walks in
>proceeds to beat the fuck out of MC

What things in anime piss you off?
Too many anime set in school. Also, artists not being fashionable enough to design a set clothing style for their character. People are either wearing always the same thing, very similar things to other characters or they are wearing something way too elaborate and different everytime (see CLAMP). Azumanga Daioh did it right (Ayumu favouring plain dresses and cute hats, Sakaki wearing simple but practical trousers + shirt combo, Chiyo well dressed and proper, Yomi mature and feminine etc). Bleach also did it right in the beginning but Kubo somehow became worse after drawing for a few more years
Mary Sue harems
File: fuck off desu.jpg (116.96 KB, 1177x586)
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>Show crows about how cool friendship and teamwork is
>Only MC does anything that actually matters
Any character voiced by Kanahana.
I like her as an actress, but lately she only voices characters I can't stand.
Even snake?
>It's like we're in an anime!
Snake was fine because it was fun listening to her being angry, like Tittyko.
>Character gets stabbed/takes large amount of damage
>Close up of their face as they spit up blood
It was kind of cool the first time, not so much the 20th
Unlikable Mary Sues.
more like 200th
>Show crows about how cool hardwork and guts is
>MC only wins because of some secret lineage bullshit and the token GUTS character gets shat on and forgotten

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