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ITT: overrated shit
Non Non Biyori.
Monster? Now there's a show that needs surgery.
Aria, a show about nothing.
Newfags detected.
How many times has this thread been made now?
At least change the picture...
Gurren Lagann, not so good.
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What about Prosé Aria?
You mother fucker. please slit your throat now.
ITT: Ebin maymay
Darker than Black? More like browner than SHIT.
so edgy
much opinion
so contrarian
such taste
Gurren Lagann, not so good.
I always treat these threads as a litmus test for the state of /a/. Results suggest a high concentration of cancer ions.
Which is more than what can be said about Texhnolyze.
Gurren lagann, not so good
Mushishi? More like MushiSHIT
Aria, a show about nothing.
Hellsing, Twilight except shit.
Darker than Black? More like Browner than SHIT
Akagi. If I wanted to see old people sitting around a table I'd visit my grandma more often.
Neon Genesis Evangelion, makes about as much sense as a pedophile in a retirement home.
Serial Experiments Lain? more like Serial Experiments LAME shitsux
Dennou Coil? More like shitty Fractale ripoff without Yamakan.
Samurai Shitpoo. Shitty plot and writing, shitty characters, and even shittier music.
Beck, if I wanted to watch shitty bands, I would go see Tool live.
Kaiba. Pretentious Powerpuff girls shit with LOLDEEP.
Tatami Gaylaxy. Groundhogs day for hipsters.
Paprika. Pretentious Inception ripoff now with moeshit.
One Piece, if I wanted to watch a good shounen I would watch Naruto.
Kino no Tabi? If I wanted to watch a dyke on a motorcycle, I'd go visit San Francisco instead.
Eureka 7, more like Gurren Lagann 2.
Vinland Saga, shitty manga and even worse anime. 2 episodes in and I fell asleep.
Hidamari Sketch, confirms my belief that art school students are idiots.
Kurenai, shitty anime about an ugly loli.
Koi Kaze, if I thought incest was wrong I would stop having sex with my little sister.
Usagi Drop? More like Usagi DROPPED
Grave of the Fireflies? If I wanted to watch a whiny cunt and his little sister fuck around I'd go to Chuck E. Cheese.
Golden Boy? If I wanted to see a genius get horny, I'd videotape myself masturbating.
Mononoke, if I wanted to see a crossdressing, homosexual pothead wearing make-up, I'd move to Brazil.
Toradora, if I wanted to watch a menstrual bitch raging I'd hide my mom's midol.
Claymore, looks like a dick, strong beginning and middle but a cheesy ending.
Outlaw Star, One Piece in space.
Gintama, Bobobo with shittier animation.
Code Geass, if I wanted to watch homosexuals pilot robots, I would watch Gundam Wing.
Vagabond, one chapter in and I fell asleep.
Kanon? More like Clannad season 2.
One Outs, if I wanted to watch a bunch of gay people running around I would've watched Prince of Tennis.
GTO? More like GTFO. Shitty shounen is shitty.
Shakugan no Shana? More like Shitugan no Shita. Shitty ripoff of To Aru Majutsu no Index.
Soul Eater? More like Shit Eater. Naruto ripoff with ghosts.
Haibane Renmei, a boring show about angels fucking around. I liked it better when it was called Evangelion.
Shiki. If I wanted to see a small town getting sucked off one at a time I'd watch Debbie Does Dallas.
Kimi ni Todoke? If I wanted to see sluts and misunderstandings, I'd watch Sex and the City.
Bokurano, I wish I could uninstall it from my memory
Hidamari Sketch, if I wanted to watch a bunch of little girls doing nothing, I'd go fap at my local kindergarden.
ARIA? I liked it better when it was called naptime.
Hajime no Ippo? If I wanted to see fags jerk eachother off in a steamy shower room, I'd go to a bathhouse.
Baccano. It's like messing with your media player's seekbar.
5 Centimeters per Second, thats how slow the plot would move, if there were any.
Akira, If I wanted to watch two retards scream at each other, I'd visit a mental institution.
Gundam 00, if I wanted shitty character designs I'd watch G Gundam.
Victorian Romance Emma, otaku-pandering maid fanservice bullshit.
Historie, history for faggots. "OMG Megas Alexander is so hot, I want to suck his dick" is not a good premise for anime.
>implying the first one is wrong.
Ride Back. If I want to see dancing robots I'd just watch Transformers.
Gungrave, adding zombies to Cowboy Bebop doesn't make it any less shitty.
FLCL, boring, unfunny, LOL SO RANDUM XD shit.
BLAME! If I wanted buildings and walking, I'd go outside
Welcome to the NHK, if I wanted to watch a loser, I would stare at the mirror.
Kaiji, atrocious character design and completely contrived plot.
Planetes. As empty as space.
Legend of the Gay Lactating Homosexuals.
Cromartie Highschool, Lucky Star with men.
Berserk, shitty anime and even worse manga.
Nausicaa, Avatar done WRONG.
Maria Holic. Traps got old two years ago.
Last Exile? If I wanted to look at clouds all day, I'd become a meteorologist.
Hokuto no Ken? More like Hokuto NO PLOT. Fucking shounenshit.
Moyashimon, if I wanted to see a show about germs and queers I'd watch Bill Nye the Science Guy
JoJo's Bizarre Gayventure
Bartender? More like BOREtender
Yotsuba. Stupid little bitch runs around and acts "lol so kawaii". NOTHING HAPPENS.
Wangs of Homomayonaise. Typical GAYnax shit.
Kare KaNOPE. Toradora ripoff with typical SHAFTshit style.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. One look and I said SAYONARA to that pile of shit.
Honey and Clover? If I wanted to watch a guy marry his retarded niece I'd go to the Ozarks.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I wish I could leap back to before I watched that shit movie.
Zero no Tsukaima, more like Harry Potter: The Animation
5 Centimetres Per Second? More like 5 Wallpapers Per Second
Cowboy Bebop? More like Cowgay Begay. Shitty music and plotless style-over-substance bullshit.
Azumanga Daioh, shitty ripoff of Lucky Star.
20th Century Boring
Michiko to Hatchin. Shitty half-assed unfunny Boondocks ripoff
Naruto. The War and Peace of our generation.
Go back to Sword Art Onlain, daggot.
>Kanon? More like Clannad season 2.

Hurrr durrr whats after story?
Hunter x Hunter? More like Homo x Homo
Gee, it's almost like it's some sort of old meme.
Why do so many people not recognize these threads
>implying this thread is actually about overrated shit
Un-Go? More like UNKO, amirite?
But No Non Biyori is actually overrated shit.
Right, so it has nothing to do with this thread.
Its actually good properly rated not-shit so it belongs

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