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It's another one of these threads. Go ahead and show us your ideas, just for them to be criticized by a bunch of faggots.
>MC is a 13 year old guy
>His parents don't give a shit about him
>One night, his bike is stolen
>Knowing his parents won't care, he decides to look for it himself
>He goes around asking his neighbors if they had seen his bike
>No one has seen anything
>When he is about to give up, he realizes he has one house left
>He goes to the last house and rings the doorbell
>To his surprise, a girl about his age opens the door
>MC tells her what happened, and she decides to go find the bike with him
>Thus, they embark in an adventure which will take them to the darkest corners of the city in order to find MC's beloved bicycle
>Over the course of the anime, the girl goes full yandere. When they finally find the bike she gets it run over by a truck and tells the MC that she is the only one he can ride.
The daily life of MC Ride as an angry dark skinned loli.
A sea opera. Pirates in the sea.

Seinen and without magic.
>MC is secretly a masochist, but deathly scared of other people knowing about it
>puts all his fantasies into a notebook that he carries around so he can add to it whenever
>one day gets beat up by delinquents in an alley and drops his notebook
>gets saved because a bystander walked by and happened to see them
>bystander is a girl and picks up the notebook
>she's a sadist who blackmails him into being her sexslave
>next day MC walks into class and sees the girl who's blackmailing him has transferred into his class
>she acts normal in class and even asks him for help on homework
>MC is confused, but interacts with her in class reluctantly because he's a nice guy
>eventually realizes he's fallen in love with his rapist
>It's a happy ending where they get together and have consensual S&M sex
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Bal-Shadi, the King of Treasures, a man of many legends and stories, who has accomplished unbelievable things in the world, did not start out as a legend. He started out as a regular man with a big dream. This is the story of Bal-Shadi, the man with a thousand stories to his name, and this is the story of them all, from the very start. This is the legend of Bal-Shadi.
SoL about a bunch of cute engineer girls working in the hangar of a space warship that has giant robots. A crew of 16 or so, having good times, fixing robots in space, etc. Only then in episode 3 the hangar is ripped open from an attack that kills about half of them (visually seen being ripped in half by flying debris, the air being sucked out of their lungs, etc), some managing to stay on board but about 7 being flung into space. These girls then manage to find a damaged ship that still has life support but are unable to contact their home ship. So they work together to survive, but ultimate are forced to become cannibals while eating the dead crewmen on the ship. This scars some of them mentally. Then relief, or so they think. An enemy pilot in his mech docks on the ship and proceeds to engage in a Jason/Freddy/Michael Myers style slasher killing spree. He kills all but three of the girls, one of which sacrifices herself to blow up the ship with him on it. He is last seen fucking one of the dead girl's corpses. The two survivors take his mech and try to fly back to their ship. However, they're found by pilots from their faction, who are very pissed off. The girl's desperate cries for help and pleas for mercy go unheard. The series ends with the screen going black and a piercing cry, followed by a montage of pictures of all the girl's in their younger days before they became crewmen on the ship. They're all smiling and happy, with the last picture being of them at their military graduation, the two surviving girls standing next to each other as they salute.

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