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You're going to love me, anon.
File: bestest Desk Car.jpg (1.43 MB, 1281x2339)
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I already do. Yuki is the best Desk Car.
I think i would rather go rape a vampire ninja instead.
S2 never ;_;
File: 1387761249651.jpg (470.22 KB, 1279x896)
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File: Chris.png (192.28 KB, 500x281)
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But I already love someone.
I want to go drinking with Chris. It must be pure bliss. But I need tits in my life, so I wouldn't fuck Chris.
But DFC is the best.
File: Seraphim22.jpg (191.93 KB, 640x960)
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The only woman I'll love is Seraphim.

So disgusting how they shunned her out of S2.
Get rid of those cowtits first
File: 1334985817850.gif (923.86 KB, 480x270)
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Best Korea zombies.
too bad you aren't shunned yet.
File: 1337998112524.jpg (20.56 KB, 333x304)
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Someone loved me once, it was horrible

>been practicing martial arts since I was a little boy
>joined some obscure martial arts school
>participated in a few tournaments, never won anything major
>be 14
>weekend training mission
>meet some girl who's the daughter of one of the other students
>not interested in girls at the time
>she acts very flirty with me the entire time
>says she'll marry me when we grow up
>tell her sure whatever just to get her off my back
>be 17
>participating in last martial arts tournament I'll attend for years
>win all my matches so far
>next opponent is a girl
>she seems very angry with me for some reason
>keeps telling me I forgot my promise
>tell her I don't know who she is
>she becomes furious
>apologize but repeat that I don't recognize her
>says she'll tell me if I beat her
>agree and fight her
>win easily
>reveals she's the fellow student's daughter
>demands that I live up to the promise
>tell her I thought marriage was some kind of food
>incoming shitstorm
>tell her I'll live up to the promise after I win the tournament
>she becomes happy
>still don't know what I'm in for
>win the tournament
>she does some naked stuff with me that's very weird and uncomfortable
>get married because she's a good cook
>move out to the middle of nowhere and lose contact with all my friends
>starting to realize she's raping me every night
>she claims to be pregnant
>she refuses to let me train him but at least she's stopped raping me
>years later get an invite for a reunion with my friends and instructor
>finally can get away from her if only for a day
>insists I take the little shitmongler with me
>heading out today
>life can't get any worse
Every day until we like it?


Why do you keep making this thread and spamming copypasta everyday? It's getting obnoxious.
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