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Disliking anime because it's popular is just as bad as liking it for being popular.

Pic unrelated.
But you can dislike something because its fans are total retards, right? For instance, I quite like the sound of some emo-ish music, but I don't associate myself with it because people would think I was some kind of /wrists retard.

It works the same for anime. However, the simple fact that a series is popular (with non-Japanese) outside of /a/ means that its fans are retards, so I feel I can get away with dissociating myself from a series due to it being popular outside of 4chan.
It's ok to dislike the fans, but I think it is really lame to say you don't like something just because obnoxious people do as well.
If you suppress your power level the problem is solved.
I will now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish.
This is a thread about Final Fantasy 7?
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Thats not correct.

We might express your first statement as this:

not like implies popular.

Your second statement:

popular implies liking.

These are not equivalent. By the axioms of logic, we might say that out first statement is equivilent to this:

not popular implies like. ((Contrapositive))
When its a comparison of mentality, that doesn't work.

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