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Hey /a/. I know we fucking hate recommendation threads but hear me out on this.

Being a manga reader is suffering. Say you bookmark an interesting series with the intent on following it later after it serializes for a while, then come back to it after a year or so, only to find out that scanlation stopped, which is okay I suppose. You can just download raws or order the tanks and go on from there. Takes a bit more effort to read but at least the story continues. But the big slap on the face is that you discover that the series got axed and ended abruptly or concluded by a full retard ending.

And that is just a fucking giant dick in the face. With this you realize how fickle the industry in Japan is. If a series ain't popular, no matter how good it is, it just disappears. Even long running series aren't exempt. If popularity goes down or the author becomes insane or some shit, a perfectly good story disappears. (Yes, I'm looking at you Air Gear, Berserk and D.Gray Man)

These one page threads we regularly have ain't helping either. You find some series that piques your interest only to find out that either it got axed or the author went full retard in the end with an ending that just leaves a bad taste in your mouth? I've gone through the charts on the wiki already and a decent lot of the series there are either ongoing, axed or ended with the author just not giving a fuck anymore.

So cutting to the chase, what are good completed (preferably translated) manga series?

I've already blown through FKMT manga, Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, ARIA, Eden: Endless World, FMA, there are a handful more but these are all that come to my mind at the moment.
well there's your problem.
Mangos are for eating.
I really hope no one feeds you a mango
So.... axed/rushed ending series brooding thread?

M x 0
Double Arts
Nana no Banana
Ichigo 100%
Shinigami-sama ni saigo no onegai wo

Haha. Fuck you universe.
Have you tried Naruto?

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