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Okay, so by the end of episode 4, am I still supposed to be completely lost story-wise? Or am I just a complete moron?
>Its Serial Experiments Lain
>Y'all probably knew immediately, but still.
There's a lot of shit that won't make sense, even after you finish it. But at least you'll understand the main things.
are you watching that shit on youtube
Inb4: y u no torrent
I barely managed to understand most of it. Especially that scene where her friend was masturbating really hard and Lain was laughing at her
Fuck off underage.
Why don't you torrent it?

I suppose you may just be too much of an uneducated troglodyte lacking in the perspicacity required to partake in viewing such a masterpiece

Nah it's pretty confusing, I really liked it though
it makes more sense later, but still very interpretable

I want to kiss Arisu
Or maybe I just decided to watch it on a whim, and my flat gets shit wi-fi, so in a cost-benefit analysis, I chose youtube.

So far, I'm glad I'm not watching this shit in HD.
yeah, I know, I know. But can we focus on the thread topic?
I was quite lost, some of the points I really didn't get and are quite open to interpretation.

Even after finishing the show I don't understand many plot points and will never do unless I look up an article explaining it or something. I know I should but I didn't like Lain too much for a few reasons:

-I have a short attention span so I found some of the scenes really boring

-The story was too confusing for me, they could have at least explained one or two things that happened

-Yes, I was completely lost by the last 3 episodes. Expect having to read an explanation by someone interpreting the deep symbolism and metaphors of this anime once you're done with it.
Definitely just a complete moron. And fuck your excuses.
>completely lost
Lain is too good for you. Not even too deep, you're probably just too used to being spoonfed every aspect and nuance of a story.
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Lain is the kind of anime that leaves you confused till the last episode, and even then you won't get it all.

Also Lain is Love.

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