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File: 016.png (247.65 KB, 1418x2000)
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Horrible typesetting edition.

What are you working now?
What are you reading?
It hurts to read.
Why do scanlating groups not QC? It's not hard. Just get someone with a higher than high school education to proofread the fucking thing before they release it. It takes less than 5 minutes...
problem is unless you are in a group allready,it would be hard to contact a QC and have them QC in time.
File: img000022.jpg (396.21 KB, 780x1110)
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Try to top this.
Do you really want me to post those GTO scans?

I am naive and don't know the technicalities of why that's considered horrible typesetting. I can see the terrible lack of proofreading, though.
ded thread

I'm trying to find a translator for a Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne 4koma that I scanned.


Considering running the pages through OCR to pull the text, if that makes it easier for someone to translate in Google Translate.
Did you read the 3rd panel? I don't think the GTO scans were as bad as this.
File: Bambino secondo 02_000b.jpg (869.12 KB, 2015x1600)
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Sup guys, redrawer for Bambino! Secondo here. We still need a japanese TL. Anyone interested please comment on the blog or batoto. Also fuck Tetsuji Sekiya. Do you really need two chapter titles per chapter?

>he could get an anti-establishmentarian assasinated by an establishmentarian

that was a mouthful
They are bad.They didn't even bother to clean it.
Hey, it feels just like danbooru.

Did anyone else teach themselves editing or did they learn it from reading guides/someone else.
I already had a lot of photoshop experience, so that came definitely handy. What followed was mostly self learned, but "corrected" here and there with skipping over tutorials and the likes. Same with typesetting.

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