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/a/, i'm unsure what i've just watched.
It started out as a decent mystery/crime and ended in a mild mindfuck. It wasn't bad, but I was pretty lost for most of it.

The fantasy episode was funny though.
You watched something good
the mystery's explanation was so shit
Scapegoating: the anime

no it wasn't, you and OP missed the point
(hint, it isn't supposed to be a mystery show, it's an allegory for the escapism you frequently partake in). how old are you?
most Satoshi Kon anime are about escapism

this series however is about a person making someone up and all of society blaming that person so they can get out of doing shit they don't want.
well excuuuuse me for thinking the show would have a more notorious explanation than a little girl lying about a run over dog .

And of course it's a mystery show, it went full bleak twin peaks at one point. Just because the guy makes a 180 at the end doesn't take away that you watched to uncover the mystery. Or else they'd just show the shitty explanation at the beginning.
>mystery genre can't have allegories
It was more of a psychological anime than a mystery anime.
eh, sure, why noy
>oh no I cannot turn in my work by the deadline
"I was attacked by shounen bat"
>oh no I have to deal with my slut split personality
"shounen bat was screwing with me"
>but what about that kid?"
"oh that was a real person that assaulted him"
>oh no the person committed suicide, now how are we suppose to tell the media
"blame it on the bat"
Fantasy episode was the best part.

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