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The administrators of Erepublik have promised WAR in March! It is time to start the great Pakistani Peace Machine once again!

1. Put email address in thread. Please don't put it in the email field- we won't hurt it, it doesn't need to hide. Especially if it's a brand new email account.
2. Wait for someone to invite you.
3. Register at Erepublik. MAKE SURE YOU PUT PAKISTAN AS YOUR COUNTRY. There is only one question that asks for a country- putting in your actual home country means that you are in that country, not Glorious Pakistan.
4. Put up a CV for 4PKR, PM the managers of the companies in the industry you wish to work in, then wait to get hired.
5. Work daily!
6. Join the party "Stardust Crusaders" Other parties are lies- do not believe them! Do not start your own party!
7. Become an soldier.
8. Train daily!
9. Recruit more people.
10. Donate any gold you get to the owner of your company.

-You eat 1 of your highest quality food per day, and gain wellness equal to its quality. When you work, you lose wellness equal to your job's quality. You do not need to stockpile food.
-A weapon is used when you go to war, and gives a strength bonus equal to its quality. This bonus lasts for a week. You do not need a weapon to go to war, though.
-Do not buy pigdisgusting foreign goods. Buy only from reputable Pakistani dealers for the best in high quality, low price, sand-based products.
-Your PKR is for buying food and guns. Use it to buy food and guns.
-You do not need a house to live. Many of us still sleep in the sand.
-Moving tickets are for leaving Glorious Pakistan. Why would you want to do that?
-Gifts are for increasing other people's wellness. You do not need them for yourself, and most of the longtime BUTTAN CLICKERS have 100 wellness.
-Everyone knows where we come from.
Pakistani Companies
Here is a list of Pakistani-owned companies. It is probably best to try to get a job in either Food or Weapons. Starting a new company is not a good idea- it just disperses effort. In order to work for a company, your Skill in that area must be equal to or better than the company's Quality level.

Kebabies (Q3, Abdul Celebi);
Nova Prospekt (Q1, Falcon);
Experimental Pastry Research (Q2, Kurotsuchi Mayuri);
Sandwiches (Q2, Dkay);
/v/akistan International Foods (Q1, iFailure)

World Peace, Inc (Q3, Dkay);
Gatherer's Garden (Q3, Falcon);
Bioweapons R Us (Q2, Kurotsuchi Mayuri);
Keep the fail in /v/ along with your Brawl threads and shitty webcomic threads.

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