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What was the general opinion of this show? I thought the character interactions were markedly more realistic than other shows of the genre.
Is the visual novel much better than the anime (like DEEN/stay night vs fate/stay night)?

Nanasaki a best girl
It was an alright show.

The VN will always be better than the anime.
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Omnibus format done right and Ai is love. It's not fully translated but the endings are pretty satisfying for most of the Amagamis.
Haven't read it, personally but the VN is probably better. Each girl has like 4 different endings I think, only 1 of which gets covered in the anime. Not to mention Rihoko fags getting fucked over hard. All in all though it was a pretty good series. The omnibus format really worked well as opposed to just turning it into some kind of half-assed harem that just brushes over each route.
...well shit.
Maybe I should get round to learning moonrunes anyway.
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Personal favorite from this genre. Will probably some day learn moonrunes just to play through the fucking VN 100%.

Ai is loev
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>4 different endings
Well damn, I wish I could play the VN.

The anime is good though, it ranges from great-bad depending on the arc/girl.
To me the ranking is:
Ai > Kaoru > Sae > Tsukasa > Haruka > Rihoko

The Sae arc is mainly that high because of the narration.

should be all the endings right there if you want to give them a read at some point.
File: 1362053303964.jpg (295.67 KB, 1200x1714)
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>The Sae arc is mainly that high because of the narration
The narration saved that arc. I absolutely loathe Sae though, your list is otherwise correct anon.

Well that just saved me wondering how some routes might differ. Looks like they mixed the best and good ends for most of the routes.

I seriously want to play the Kaoru route after reading that though, even the bad end sounds entertaining.
>Bad End: Activated when you ask two girls you're in love with you on a Christmas date, and you go out with the other girl instead of this one.
Who the fuck would do that?

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