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what if Anno purposely made the rebuild movies shitty so he'd get a lot of hate on them, sending him back into depression so he could write another masterpiece?
What if he made the movies shitty because he hates his fans and for good reason?
File: nichismoke.jpg (77.30 KB, 1280x720)
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You might be on to something there...
File: 1389565492738.png (144.20 KB, 296x375)
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also a plausible option, and for good reason

so is it at least canon that he made them shitty on purpose then?
No, he made 3.33 bad and disappointing so we could feel the depression and disappointment of the characters. Anno is a master.
I don't get why you fags are still hugging on this show when you all know it's already shit.
I doubt it.

Personally I believe the best reason for him making the Rebuilds is just so he can get morebux.
What if he made the movie shitty because he has shitty taste and just followed his taste?

Sounds terrible, but that is exactly what happened.
He's probably just killing time with the Rebuilds by putting out the first thing he comes up with, and the whole rest of the production he's sitting there thinking "I wish I was making Nausicaa 2..."
File: srsly.jpg (31.57 KB, 298x223)
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i want to believe
Anno gets off on hate, though.

He came -out- of depression after EVA, after all.
File: kek.jpg (20.90 KB, 260x195)
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yes, he came out of depression after EVA, and after EOE. the hate that he got from the series ending fueled his brain to make EOE as great as it was, surely
Was he still depressed during EoE? I always wondered. I would have thought he would have pulled out of it after NGE's success.

So EoE's brilliance wasn't due to depression? Just fan hate?
Interesting theory. But it's more likely he's just a hack that got lucky back then. Japanese George Lucas.

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