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What does /a/ think of it?
It's been about 7 years since i seen it, but I remember enjoying it...
Animu is shit

Mango is average
The "prologue"-OVA was very good.
Animu's first Arc was good, Kyoto Arc was fucking awesome, and the filler arc was shit.

The mango's good until the forced happy end.
Manga is good. Anime is good while it sticks to the manga.
Can't speak for the manga.
Anime was fuck awful.
Every story arc was just the script of the first episode with different names filled in.
all the creativity and storytelling of a bucket of sand.
>>10027855 forced happy end
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Kyoto arc is great

Epic fight.


Kenshin does not die (I guess the mangaka was not going to "LOL! Japan helps China!" bullshit so he lives on and gets a son (I think).

Might be a "forced good end" for fagots that think people are supposed to get locked into their guilt or their past, Kenshin simply managed to get over it and live.
I thought Trust and Betrayal was awesome.
File: 1204676359559.jpg (130 KB, 744x973)
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Anime: was fuckwin except for fillers, obviously. Sucked shit after Shishio arc except the arc with the Jules Verne fanboy and probably the Christian arc one. OVAs and movie were average.

Manga: was win. Too be honest I only read the Enishi arc plus the special epilogs.

Aah... All this talk about Kenshin makes me want to see it again.
Loved the first OVA
Sorta liked the TV series
Liked the second OVA
File: 1204676586567.jpg (59 KB, 400x570)
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It sure had great Ending songs!

ED compilation part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HMQKwybxac
ED compilation part 2:
Good thing I watched the anime end where he dies of AIDS
This + Outlaw Star on cartoon network = FUCK YEAH
Kenshin was so fucking awesome. Revenge arc with Enishi sucked though after all the original fanboys hyped the shit out of it.

Wasn't kenshin one of the first looong series to get fansubbed? I remember watching it back in 98 when each episode was a 15-20 meg realplayer file.
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I just thought of something. Warning this requires a bit of math.

Kenshin was born in 1849. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himura_Kenshin)
Meiji Restoration = 1868, Kenshin is 18/19 years old.
10 years later, start of series = 1878. Kenshin is 28, based on misc sources.
5 years later = 1883 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himura_Kenshin#Plot_overview), Kenshin and Kaoru are married and Kenji is about one (born in 1882, maybe)
1904, Russo-Japanese war breaks out, Kenji would be about 22.

What I'm trying to say is I've been fantasizing, for lack of a better word, Kenji's adventures during this war. Why? Because in 1873, Japan instituted a nationwide conscription mandating every male serve in the Imperial armed forces for 3 years. Kenji would be at least 21 and thus conscripted. Not something Watsuki would've done but would be cool, if you ask me. What would Kenshin think about it? Remember, he's not dead according to Watsuki.

tl;dr Watsuki could've made a sequel with Kenji going to war.

The Russian-Japanese war was mostly one naval battle

he is a pretty cool guy
There goes my fanboy fantasy...
You're doing it wrong.

I think kenshin is a pretty cool guy. eh kills samuaris and doesn't afraid of anything.

He's Kenshin's son. He's more likely to 2) combine his strong anti-war upbringing with naive, youthful idealism and try to end war by force.

As a member of the major anti(imperialist)-war organization in the country, the Communist Party of Japan.
i really BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWed at the end of the first 4 OVAs
kenshin was the first series I seriously got into

I have all 28 vols, in korean

I will not touch the anime, though.

I fail at editing.

(Was originally going to say 1) spend the war in jail/be executed as a conscientious objector, or 2). Then realized the first idea wasn't cool enough to mention.)

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