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Damn /a/, I think the time has come. I just realized I've grown out of anime. How can I enjoy watching my Chinese Cartoons like before again?
either watch moeshit or comedy.
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That's what I thought until I marathonned all of Higurashi last night.

I don't even know why but it felt right.

Alternatively, watch shows with fanservice and then fap to porn of them.
How to treat your leisure hobbies:

Do them if you enjoy them.

Stop doing them when you stop enjoying them.

Wow that was hard!
>Tokyo Ravens
Watch better shows.
Kill yourself and hope to reincarnate.
If you're talking about the latest episode of Tokyo Ravens, its not just you, that episode was complete shit. Low quality animation and ugly as fuck cg combined with naruto-tier fight scenes. Let's hope the next arc is better.

But yeah, >>100278083 anime is just entertainment, if you're not enjoying it just take a break for this season and come back when spring starts to see if there's anything you like.
Fuck up your life so baldy that anime is the only way of escapism you have.

Worked for me ;_;
>Watch better shows.
Its a shame, I fucking love the Tokyo Raven novels but the anime has been so rushed and tons of good shit cut out due to either budget or just shit studio being shit.
And the only good part that we might get is the Yakou arc.
the last part of this ep made me slightly mad tho
Yeah the series has been a bit frustrating for me as well but I'm hanging in there

>tfw they cut out the super kawaii natsumoe scene at the training camp
My heart will never know the feels of HanaKana whispering "stay by my side" into my ears.

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