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What does /a/ think of this film?
>talking about good anime
>on /a/
I really love this movie.

I thought the way they really fleshed out the culture with all the little touches was super great.
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Rape-tastically good time.
ruined the movie for me
movie would've been better without the preacher girl
File: Honey Mayonnaise.gif (2.99 MB, 720x413)
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Well then ur a faget because that's an important part of Shiro's development.
I appreciate it for its visuals and Anno's work on the spaceshit mechanisms and for what's basically Gainax's first real product, it's a good showing, but honestly, I found the drama very boring. I can enjoy slow or mellow shows but Honneamise was just not my thing.

I don't really understand why this scene was necessary at all, you can cut it from the movie and there won't be a difference.
It is a mystery that people have been debating for literally decades now. I don't get it either. I suppose, best possible interpretation, that it was meant to give him feet of clay, showing that he was a flawed and not necessarily very nice person, rather than some sort of idealized pure hero type?

One would think they could find another way, but you have to admit, it's a very screen-time cheap way to do it, all other merits or flaws inherent in it aside.

This article answers context pretty well and makes the scene easier to accept http://animationanalysis.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/spoilers-after/

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