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Here do I formally renounce, before 4chan and God, every ounce of smack I ever talked about One Piece.

This shit is full of GAR, pirates, and win.

Set sail for motherfucking WIN Piece.
OPFag trying to look like a former OPHater.

Unfortunately, I assure you, I am telling the truth.

And actually, I was more indifferent to OP than anything. I kinda liked the art style, but didn't really have the patience to follow a zillion-chapter-long shonen series.

I tuned into the Funimation dub of the anime on a whim, and all of a sudden I was kinda struck, by the Skypeia arc of all things -- the simple, childish FUN of it all. Fun I, as a bitter, jaded shell of a human being, hadn't had with anime and manga in a long, long time.
Also, I could not resist the temptation to make one more One Piece thread to make people squirm.

Your pain, of course, is my pleasure.
If you noticed, the X is gone in recent chapters.

OP, why did it take u over 300 eps to realize?

I know, I picked it for the irony.

Hell, irony is the whole basis of my newfound love for Win Piece. In fact, irony is really the only reason one should love any kind of anime. Any other motivation is simply creepy.
I kind of agree. I fucking hate shonen but One Piece isn't actually that bad. It's actually fun!
Sage for fail.

No, actually, I never watched any of the OP animu before the Skypeia arc.

I read bits and pieces of the very first arc, the Captain Kuro arc, and then kinda got bored of OP for a while.

Years later I caught the Skypeia arc on TV with Blackbeard prattling on about dreams, and I came to love OP's campy GARness contrasted against the stonefaced insipidity of, say, Bleach.

So I went back and revisited terrible scanslations of the manga, blazed through the very first arc to the Arlong arc in about the space of twelve hours, and when I WILL MOST DEFINITELY HELP YOU came along, I knew that I had, in fact, become an OPfag. Me, the jaded, elitist weeaboo that I am.

I don't care how saged I get. I want this shit on record. I have rejected my old ways, and now I eagerly await the coming of the King of the Pirates.
>>I kind of agree. I fucking hate shonen but One Piece isn't actually that bad. It's actually shit!

set fail

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