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Are you ready for more Natsume Yuujinchou next month?
Miracle of the universe.
New season or something?
Just an original OVA. But I'm sure we'll get a new season once there's enough source material.
I'll just post the link to the preview screenshots. A couple months old, anyway.

That looks cute.
I can't wait.
I don't know if "cute" is the word I'd use.
Oh god.
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Anyone have the patch files for the tlacatlc6 1080p batch of the first season?
there is a tonne of source material, it just isn't being translated
translation is like 10 or more chapters behind.
I think there are 70 chapters if I can read the Japanese Wikipedia correctly. That certainly should be enough for a new season.

Hopefully that means we get a new season this year. Maybe it'll be announced at the end of the OVA like Mushishi.
latest chapter is 69 on this site and the chapter labelled 66 was never translated.
did anyone ever sub that LaLa special?
Doesn't look like it.
This show is the gayest shit ever. I've watched Boku no Pico five times in one day, and this show is still gayer than that.
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File: 1363765894319.png (292.91 KB, 558x561)
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>I've watched Boku no Pico five times in one day

>calling other thinks gay

ya blew it
Boku no Pico wasn't very gay at all. They looked like girls.
Is this series safe to marathon? I've been liking it so far and I'm on episode 8 of the first season. I don't feel any burnout whatsoever so far. If it helps I watched Aria and Mushishi at a pretty fast pace.

>Is this series safe to marathon?

It's really slow. Even in Season 4, Natsume is still dealing with the same issue about him being comfortable around other people, and see a few plot points get dropped/postponed just so that they can go back to how sad Natsume is.

I finished it, but ended up pretty burnt out. I would advise against this.
File: 3403166.jpg (1.30 MB, 2000x1125)
1.30 MB
1.30 MB JPG
If you don't feel burned out then keep on going with it. People say not to marathon Mushishi but I've done it a couple of times without any issue as well. Though I do see the value of waiting so you can let the episode you watched sink in a bit.

I'm watching the first season too, actually. Though it is a re-watch.
I sort of marathoned it. I did 2 days per season, I think.
I didn't feel any burnout, but there was sort of a temporary empty feeling.
Shouldn't be a problem, since the manga is still ongoing and the anime seasons keep rolling in right behind.
File: 1380326882727.jpg (523.45 KB, 1003x1092)
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523.45 KB JPG
I went through the first and second season fairly quickly. Probably 3 or 4 days for each. I'm currently on the final episode of the third season(I think), but I haven't watched in a while.

My pace really just depends on whether I think the next episode looks good or not from the preview, or if the story takes more than a single episode.
I'm not, but a friend of mine is so I'll contribute with a story instead.

>friend moves to Japan
>is a huge fan of Natsume
>goes to a meet n' greet with the author
>stands in line for 8 hours waiting coming up with all sorts of stuff to say to the author when they get there
>finally get to meet the author
>manages to fumble out an arigato and moves on
>rest of life is spent in regret
Thanks for the input. I'll probably finish each season in a 3-4 day pace.

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