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Well guys the date went great today. We went to the mall, enjoyed a bubble tea together, went over to the local TNT where we bought chocolate pocky, and even met up with a couple of friends at the local local. I really like having a girlfriend, and it's great having someone special in your life that you can check out comics together and just share in a moment where you gaze into each other's eyes. My friends would make fun of me if I talked like that in real life. I'm so blessed to have a life where I can go out with my favorite waifu and even bring her home to my parents. I like that I can come home for a beer with her and my mom will take her out onto the swing where they'll have girl talk while my dad watch The Game and talk about how I met her. He keeps insisting that it was my grandfather's trilby, but nah, I keep saying it's my charm. God bless him.

I know it's late but Waifu and I are just enjoying some delicious deserts right now back at my place. Can't wait to tuck her in and have non-promiscuous relations and get some good cuddles. She likes it when I cuddle. I'm the big spoon but sometimes I like being the small spoon as well.

Life is the greatest. Do you have someone special in your life right now /a/

Here's a pic I took earlier. What would you rate her by the way?
I agree with Judge Judy.
I like it.

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