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Anyone else really enjoyed the animatrix?

It counts as anime, right?
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The Second Renaissance has to be one of the most thought-provoking things I've seen. It was somewhat horrifying too.
Is it made in japan?
If yes it's anime.
Is it made anywhere else on earth but japan?
Then it's a cartoon and goes on /co/.
For a series of shorts based around a western movie, it did fairly well and is pretty unique in that regard. The animation is the best part though, so much variety to be found within. I'm willing to bet there is more artistic variety to be found in the animation on this film than the last 3 years worth of material glorious Nippon has shit out.
I wouldn't say that, but The Animatrix was fantastic.
The wachowski brothers are american and they produced it. They have also written it with the help of the directors which were japanese. The actors and the music aren't japanese but the rest of the people involved are.

What's the verdict?
I only enjoyed Beyond and the Second Renaissance.

Though I do still want such a colab for 40k. Don't know if it will ever happen though (don't even know if japs like 40k).
I'll allow it, mostly because it was animation legends doing it.

same case with 5555

Its a mixed production. Some of the episodes were produced by Warner Bros, while some of the episodes were produced in house by the Japanese studios. Also, some of the scripts were allowed to be done by the actual anime studios and just signed off by the Wachowski Brothers to make sure they didn't conflict with any of the Matrix story.

So its kinda more like 75% Japanese, 25% western produced. Its not like something such as Little Nemo, Titan AE, Boondocks or the DC series which nearly everything is handled by a western studio and the Japanese company only does the final animation work. That would be more like 90% western produced and 10% Japanese.
Also read Goliath by Neil Gaiman.

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