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File: redline_607_1680.jpg (1.35 MB, 1680x1050)
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What did /a/ think of REDLINE?
Just watched it a few days ago. The art style was great and it was pretty fun to watch.
/a/ loved it and the sound track thread was made a sticky

Only good sound tracks from anime that /a/ has had stickies for has been Redline and Panty & Stockings.
File: 1363637002607.gif (1.93 MB, 420x236)
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Good movie, shitty fucking conclusion that almost ruined the entire movie. Great soundtrack.

>build up that JC kicks ass as a driver
>final race is like the first one but MORE EXTREME
>spend time building the new car to have all this bullshit awesome shenanigans for the final race
>holy shit here we go
>Godzilla appears and recks everything
>Godzilla becomes the focus
>Robogovernment taking all the focus
>JC stuck in the background
>forced to use ''that''
>Streamline to the end, no actual race at the end

Complete disappointment.
Even the fucking Live Action Speed Racer movie, the murrican version, was better at building a climax.
Fuck people who say this movie was great other than the 7 year animation.
File: MACHINEHEADTETSUJIN.png (135.70 KB, 306x256)
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135.70 KB PNG
It was pretty good. The animation is just Godlike. I need to rewatch it dubbed. Don't have the time to read the subtitles during the action scenes.
We need more stuff from Takeshi Koike in the animation man..
Jojo could be 100x better if the Director was T.Koike. Really.
Really good. Great artstyle, plenty of fun moments and characters.
Although for some reason I can never seem to have my computer on when people are seeding BSS 1080.
Either that or the seeders don't care anymore, which is entirely possible since the movie's decently old.
File: MACHINE HEEEEEEEEEAD.gif (2.51 MB, 533x300)
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2.51 MB GIF
It was fantastic for what it was trying to do. I'm not going to call it some kind of literary masterpiece, but I didn't want quality writing out of a fucking racing anime.

The only thing that I say I would have improved was the ending. It just felt like there could have been a little something....more to it.
(what a waste for awesome animation)
Good, but would've been much better with an epilogue.
I liked how when he asked Deyzuna to move, it was implied less he was arrogant and wanted him to move out of his way, and more Machine head is just so fuckhuge he has a hard time moving around.
Also, it was implied machinehead is Sonoshee's father, albeit slightly so don't hold that as fact.

The dub is actually really good, every character sounds pretty much like I felt they would in english.
>JP is smooth and laidback
>Frisbee is a bit of a slick talker, you can tell he's not being up front with you, despite how smooth he is
>machine head is fucking perfect
>Sonoshee is also perfect
I can't really think of any I didn't like.

There's two races. A lot of the movie focuses on JP himself.

There's got to be a point where your ride gets too big to be fast.
Although I guess machine head has a stockpile of steamlights and his ride can actually take it.

the mbilit
File: 1311811603303.gif (871.99 KB, 500x281)
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871.99 KB GIF
Seven years hand drawn
File: JP.gif (2.17 MB, 668x365)
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2.17 MB GIF
I had watched Redline 4 times in Japanese before I ever knew there was an english dub.

I was so attached to the characters at that point every felt wrong.
I made it a bit past before the yellow line before I had to stop and switch the language.
It felt more like they HAD to stop at the end of the race.
Though I personally liked the ending, I thought the way JP and Sonoshee Kissed was sweet, if a bit flat.
Still, Redline is masterful at its world building through tiny details.
From what glimpses of JP's past with Sonoshee we can tell his entire love story with her.

Which is why I felt the ending was actually not that bad, it only felt abrupt because of the literal seconds prior you're watching some of the most intense racing, period.

That amount of detail the film implies is why I love it so much.
Like, the way the racers behave you know they've all got a backstory as rich as JP.
Hell Lynchman actually has an arch nemesis, like a super hero. And the super bois are idols who produce music in between races.
But the film didn't tell all of the details behind each racer, they just had them.
I don't even remember if we were shown supergrass, but we can all probably build a pretty solid picture of it.
In a way I think it's better this film is limited to such a short time compared to an anime series.
If it was a series, or even a multi episode OVA you know they'd spend time with the backstory of each racer, and the politics of robo world, the ethics of street racing and all that boring shit you don't care about.
It's just raw fun with a shit ton of detail.
I'll agree with you there. I'd rape fucking Anno if it meant we could get some more extended details about those characters or the universe. It just seemed so wacky and vibrant and fucking interesting it's disappointing we only got so little out of it beyond the glorious races.
One thing I didn't like is how the fact they were on that planet illegally was left unresolved. The last we saw of Funky Boy was it battling with that general after it combined with something!
It does not have an interesting plot or set of characters.
IIRC aren't most of the characters from shorts the crew did before Redline?
I know there's Trava in Fist Planet.
And I saw some scenes of the super boins from an AMV.

Which planet?
Roboworlds moon is a demilitarized zone, so the Redline Racers are actually allowed to be there. As far as Roboworld itself, I think it's safe to assume the Supergrass officials just warped them out of there after the race was over.
Hell wasn't their ship the finish line?

Interesting=/=volume of dialogue and monologue
A good character design can do a lot of work without much story to giving a character personality.
Like JP.
Look at JP and you can tell his personality.

Or how Sonoshee keeps where she lives.

You know Machinehead is large and powerful, but he's also humble off the track. The fact that he cried the first time he won Redline means he's earned his place as "king of Redline" through hard work and determination. And that' he'd rather not start fights as his interactions with deyzuna showed.
Volton and Funky Boy battled it out, but I'll assume either they both died or Volton contained/killed Funky Boy and the utter lack of usable forces, a stable government, or transportation would technically mean that Volton wouldn't be able to do anything beyond that.

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