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The Mekaku City Actors anime is going to be written by the original composer of the Kagero Project songs, Jin.

>music composer writing a story
To be fair, the story in Kagerou Project is pretty good. And if not good, at least pretty interesting.
So not based on either the manga or light novel?
Didn't Jin write the LN or manga?

Also, unsurprised they're letting Jin write the story. He wrote and composed the ED themes for Monogatari Second Season. He and SHAFT are in bed together.
Who is Jun Maeda.
That's more of the other way around (storywriter making songs)
>He wrote and composed the ED themes for Monogatari Second Season
Wait, what.
He composed the first ending, not sure about the other two
Yeah, sorry, just the first one.
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This anime could be so fucking good if done right.
This is probably a big stretch, but it seems to me like the 10 snake hosts each embody a characteristic of either Azami or Tsuhikiho.

Kido wants to disappear(A), Seto was an outcast(T), Kano endured physical pain(A), Mary felt hated by the world(A), Don't know about Momo, Ene was cold to the person she liked(A), Shintarou lost interest in the world(A), Hibiya was obsessed with somebody(T), Konoha felt useless(T), and Kenjirou could not let go(A).

There's also a lot of parallels between Kido and Momo. Opposite powers(repel/attract attention), opposite elements(fire/water), opposite builds(skinny/meaty), opposite appearance(long hair masculine/short hair feminine), they were both cursed by their own power, they both have temperament inverse to their appearance, and they are both constantly the object of humor.
Was Nisekoi 1 or 2 cours? Doesn't matter really, Shaft are still going to be overworked.
They won't be able to keep up the quality on Nisekoi even if it's only one cour
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Also, the girl who can control where people look instantly becomes best friends with the girl who can paralyze anyone who looks her in the eye. Truly a match made in heaven.
Jin writes the LNs too.

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