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So this was about epic memes and individuality?

Is the second season as good as the first?
The second season is debatably better.

It operates on a larger scale, is more politically charged and has a double-sad ending.
Good to know. I thought this would be really hard to beat, although I haven't watched a non-moe show in a very long time.

I disliked the tachikomas (they were cute though) at first but the ended up blending in with the theme really well.
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What the hell compelled you to start a GITS thread in this manner?

That first sentence is retarded and then you follow it up with a completely pointless question.
Just watch it. Did you like the first? Well expect more of the same but with less stand-alone episodes
Did I hurt your feelings? What is so retarded about that first sentence?
I thought that the second season wasn't as good, but it's definitely worth watching.
Less stand alones but totally made up for it with POKER FACE.
I'm not going to type those two words because they're filtered

Anyway on topic OP. What was your favourite episode from SAC?

Mine's this >>100270613
Whoops, forgot Poker Face was in 2nd GIG

from SAC probably Annihilation or Jungle Cruise
Stand alone episode? Probably the one with batou and the russian boxer. They really pulled off his character well, batou is probably the biggest softie in the group.

Other than that it's probably the episode where togusa gets shot or the one that follows it with the major fighting the mech for their action scenes.

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