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File: gakusentoshi1_cov.jpg (349.09 KB, 477x650)
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Now that IS anime has become utter shit, when can we expect an adaptation of Gakusentoshi Asterisk?
Is it good?
I just put the first book on my e-reader.
>has become
No, anon. You cannot become that which you always were.
It's good.

I want to say it's better than IS but I guess that would make people think "That's not a hard thing to accomplish". So let's say IS is shit while GakuSen Asterisk is good.

Ayato, the protagonist, is actually good, unlike Ichika. Better girls too.
Why are you comparing it to IS? Are they somehow similar?
Guess I'll start reading it now.

I just hope the translation and grammar is somewhat better than Vanadis.
Both have the same translator, and he's pretty bad at English.

Former illustrator of IS.
That's about all I know.
>has become

Generic Harems cannot become shit. They are always shit by default.
File: Gakusen_v01_00015.gif (108.39 KB, 500x705)
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Ever since IS left MF Bunko J for Overlap Bunko, MF has been marketing GakuSen Asterisk as the IS killer. That's why they hired the same illustrator as IS.

It's a new sci-fi high school battle harem series.
are you saying there was a time when IS was good?

Nice joke OP
>It's a new sci-fi high school battle harem series.


Why don't i have any trashman images..
A lot of ANN/MAL dwellers today.
>Sci-fi high school battle harem series

How do we purge cancerous whiteknighters of this genre from the realm of the living?
There's no need to be upset, manimefag-kun.
continue on eating shit underage newfag.

Apparently, the shittiness of IS season 2 has already rotted your brain. Good day.
I like shows with cute girls but harems like IS, Haganai, and Oreimo are fucking terrible. Which means most harems happen to be terrible. It's amazing how a faggot protagonist just kills all the appeal of a show.
I'm glad that anime industry is catering to my taste instead of shit taste manime fags like you.

What a good time to be an anime fan.
File: xgHsANmh.jpg (147.45 KB, 1024x722)
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Try to contact your doctor anon, seems your butt getting hurt.
Also for mismarca fans from last night thread,
seems Chars didn't rape him sexually.
>seems Chars didn't rape him sexually.
How did she rape him?
Well, I just finished reading the first two chapters.

This is basically Blade Dance?

I mean, so many things are similar or even identical.
Well, just like Blade Dance is basically IS but with magic instead of technology.

MF Bunko J gonna MF Bunko J.
Based from AS spoilers :
>If you mean Charlotte raping Mahiro physically or sexually, then no.
>Charlotte is displayed as a bossy figure who physical hits her own sisters and Mahiro in order to listen to her. So none of them can oppose her. She even made Mahiro call her "Onee-sama" after breaking him down "mentally". Whenever Mahiro argues or says something she won't like, she simply throws her shoes to his face to keep him quiet. You can also say she is the one who probably understands Mahiro the most as well as knowing his personality than anyone so far.
>She's more like the heroine of story arc 2 due to playing more roles than any other female characters.
Man, this reminds me that I still need to read Draculea 2+.

I wanted to wait for the volume 5 translation, but it seems like zzhk won't take a break from C³.
File: Bang_Family Fun.gif (497.30 KB, 500x282)
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497.30 KB GIF

IS was always bad.
It surprises me the lot of you took so long to realize it, but then again you're powerlevel is a lot lower than my own. Sometimes I forget that 90% of /a/ is either younger or hasn't watched anime for nearly as long as I have.
I don't really see the similarity between IS and BD apart from a special school and a single male.

BD has actual plot, development, team tournaments and reasoning behind it.
And obviously a capable MC.

IS has... nothing; no plot, some shitty battles that always get interrupted and one of the worst MCs in existence.


But this and BD are very similar, apart from the single male thing.

Boy meets girl by accident while changing (GA) bathing (BD).
She attacks him.
Boy is actually capable and dodges everything.
Saves the girl from falling tree (BD), attack during duel (GA).
Tour through the school, both the same.
Tournament explanation.
And now more similarities again, the girl is still looking for a partner, just like Claire was, and there are only 2 weeks left. I believe BD had even the same amount of time left.

Well, I'm off to continue reading.

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