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File: shirow_400.jpg (142.64 KB, 400x621)
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How many degrees do I need for the dialogue in this manga to make any goddamn sense at all, and in what areas?
File: 2i8rJ.jpg (123.37 KB, 457x446)
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What's wrong, kid? Words are too hard to read for you? Maybe you should stick to your children picture books.
None? Is this your first sci-fi?
No, this was a bad panel. I wanted to find one from later on from one of the Major's conversations with the Puppet Master, at which point the dialogue devolves into full-scale WTFery, but this was the most convoluted page I could find from a brief search.
None of it is convoluted as its all pretty self explanatory.

I'd love to see the other page you truly wanted to post though.
That's sort of the point; Shirow and Oshii both have a bug up their ass about the nature of consciousness (woooooooooooooooo~), kinda like Inio Asano and mundane human suffering (and also gender confusion, apparently?). Plus, you have to remember that the Major's having a serious out-of-body experience/sensory-deprivation hallucination by that point, so I think Shirow might have been trying to make the whole sequence feel like the kind of train of thought that you have when you're really really stoned.
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this thing is from the dark horse translation and is read in the american left to right instead of typical right to left. Maybe that whats causing your confusion.

If not, umm are you 8 by any chance?
You just need to watch/read a lot of sci-fi.
The version I'm actually reading is the Kodansha Bilingual edition, which reads left-to-right and contains the original Japanese text as well.
Pretty easy to figure out what they are talking about.
I'll admit to getting lost in all that talk but the general discussion piece was about the puppeteer just becoming self aware tech that wanted to ascend to higher being/intelligence or some shit like that.

Little dude just wanted to live and learn.
File: YrSbwX7.jpg (5.38 KB, 177x182)
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Well, I can't help you there then.

Shirow's manga is really info dense, and you need to have a general understanding of how politics and modern society functions as well as general concepts in science and science fiction in general.

In other words, if your are more than grade 6 you should be sufficiently armed to understand GiTS.

Now if were talking about really incomprehensible manga then you should try his Orion manga.
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>mfw trying to read that shit half asleep at 1 am.
Seriously I just kept on going to see how big that fucking Orochi thing would get.
OP here, just took a pic of the most incoherent page I could find and my phone died right before I could send it. Fuck.
Even your phone doesn't want you to look a fool.

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