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Slowpoke here, just caught up with the second half/season of Valvrave. I thought it was pretty good, a lot more cohesive than the first one. And even though it may be a cheap way for drama, the way Haruto lost his memories while fighting was fucking heartbreaking.

I didn't browse much /a/ at the time, what were some reactions, what's the general consensus? Still trainwreck you can't look away from like the first half/season or something more?
Go to, I don't know maybe, >>100252202

Also, use the archives to dig up the mangas related to VVV. They're a fun read and up-to-date.
It had its ups and downs, but I loved it overall and preferred S2 over S1. The finale really should have been covered over the span of two episodes though (though ideally, the entire show could have used more episodes). Was a real shame we didn't see a little more about the events and the characters' lives after Cain's defeat; the epilogue was far too short.
Yeah overall I think I prefer S2 to S1 as well. S1 was just too ridiculous, both in terms of character actions and the overall plot progression. The production values were the main thing keeping me interested (and bitching with /a/), S2 stood on its actual content a lot more for me.

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