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What does /a/ think about the Mai-HiME/Otome

Do you think Sunrise will ever continue to make such an awesome franchise
File: natsuki.gif (502.70 KB, 320x240)
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Hime > Sifr >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Otome > Zwei

Seems pretty played out, to be honest
both series suck but Sifr OVA was indeed awesome
Yes and please make Nao as MC since she the better character
I wish Sunrise would make a new entry in the franchise already.
I watched it all so long ago I couldn't tell you what I think about it.

I just remember enjoying it and feeling a little sad when it was over.
it happens, I wish the fun never ends and for Sunrise to print more money instead being lazy fucks

I'm wanting to buy more new Hisayuki-san art work bad.
File: shedidnothingwrong.jpg (505.20 KB, 1600x1200)
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HiME god tier
Otome a shit

They should make another starring Shizuru. All Shizuru, all the time.
Hey Shizuru, your favorite mutt is shooting the breeze with Mai-san
I believe in S8
I want more of this
>Do you think Sunrise will ever continue to make such an awesome franchise

>Fucks over Kazuya just so they can put Akane in a kitty battle suit.
>Fucks over shounens within the franchise in general.
>awesome franchise

All I see coming from $unrise's ass is SHIT.
All I see coming from the Wapanese animu industry's collective ass is SHIT.

I seen better from h-doujins than from animu.
like this

I would like to see a continuation but it would be more boring as ever unless they can find a better writer
File: Spoiler Image (327.31 KB, 320x180)
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327.31 KB GIF
and this
Best couple gets their own series at best
File: 1366825282656.png (408.16 KB, 720x966)
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408.16 KB PNG
Otome was better than HiME

Shows with strong a female cast that ample amounts of fanservice on the side >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shows where the fanservice is the female cast clamouring for the mcs dick

Why is Natsuki so beautiful?
>that's not AkiraXTakumi

Only 17992 years to go. Just be patient.
because she's a dyke with a butch body

get a girl who's pure and does a lot for society like Nao
I remember thinking that HiME was a bit better, after watching them back to back. But Otome has been the one I've actually gone back to rewatch.
Otome gave us one of the best futanari doujins of all time.

>that's not HaruKino
bro she used goods
this superior couple

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