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Day 34
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Chapter 175
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You've been doing God's work, /a/non. We will always remember what you are doing here today.
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God I love Kumeta's casual clothes he picks for the girls.

I want him to do an art book.
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I had forgotten that Suimasen started putting the translator notes online instead of with the release

So here's the one for this chapter, http://kumetan.wikidot.com/szs-chapter-175

Previous chapters http://kumetan.wikidot.com/szs-chapters

And for future chapters I'll link the page at the beginning of the chapter for easier readings
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Chapter 176

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Chapter 177

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Until tomorrow

From Kumeta's blog

I was ostracized by my classmates back in elementary school.
They said if you write "Kumeta" in kanji from top to bottom, it looks like the kanji for "poop."
Nakano-kun said I was easy to make fun of.
He said he was just kidding around but I remember how hurt I was . If you ask me, he was a tried and true bully.

Now that I'm an adult, readers ostracize me all the time by saying "I quit reading Kumeta's manga."
Please listen to me, everyone.
Ostracizing a manga artist is the same as bullying him.
You can't just say its because I'm easy to make fun of.
Haven't you ever heard of reader harassment?
Come now I think we can all agree that evolution has cracked this question.
that letters might be from attention whriters
hell yeah Daily SZS
Sorry for multiple things.

Chapter 96
Chapter 97
Thanks for reading.

Sad Memories (Warning: Long Entry)

Hello everyone. It makes me sad to announce that I will be unable to hold the second round of last years's pre-death funeral, which was such a resounding success. My apologies to everyone who was looking forward to it!

But you never know... I might have my real funeral this year suddenly, so make sure to check the obituaries of the paper, okay!?

...alright, jokes aside. It's the first anniversary since my pre-death funeral, everyone! Did you all get over your grief and share stories about the departed?

What's that? You forgot!? I guess people forget about you when you've been dead for a year. How sad.

That's right. It's been a year since I officially died. Disrespect for the dead is a sacrilege for Japanese, isn't it? No matter how hated a person was, you must never speak ill of the dead in Japan, right??

...So what's with all of you, wanting so bad to trash-talk my dead personage!? I'll have you know that anyone who trash-talked me since my funeral last June is going to Hell for blasphemy. Too bad, so sad!!
Manga artists who forced the deceased to make stupid speeches are going to Hell. Readers who spoiled the deceased's storylines are going to Hell.

The eighth and most painful Buddhist Hell... Avici Hell. The second you put tone on a nipple, you'll be poked by a demon, and forced to put tone on nipples for all eternity. Avici Hell.

And it will be the worst kind of Hell, too. Right as the manga draft is complete, the next week's deadlines will already be upon you. And when that draft is done, the deadlines for the week after that will be upon you. Avici Hell.

...Wait a second. Does this mean I've died and am in Hell now?

I admit that when I was alive, I played a few small pranks, but I don't remember ever committing a huge crime worthy of such horrible, infinite Hell!!

Is it because I wrote an Un-broadcastable word in my manga once (with the vowels replaced by X's)? Is it because no matter how many times I watch "The English Patient" I fall asleep in the middle? Is it because I didn't go to the after party for Mr. Peach-Pit's Kodansha manga prize award ceremony? Is it because I lied about my age by two years in the members' card I registered for at a clothing store? Is it because I treated my dentist as a suspect for the Los Angeles Miura incident?

...In any event, I'm in Avici Hell right now.

Making reports on Hell like this has helped me learn the Ponyo theme song.

...Anyway, since all you blasphemers didn't even bother to share stories about the deceased, I'll go ahead and share my own stories.

So, ahem, before he died, the deceased drew manga for Kodansha, and before that, he worked for Shonen Sunday and Shogakukan...
Wait! You want me to talk about all that? At this point!? Right when I was beginning to forget about those days of shame and humiliation. Right when I though I had finally achieved peace in death.

And you know, if I told my ENTIRE story, this story will go on through the paper blog of volume 20. If I told my entire story, it would also be bad... both for me and for the industry.

Recently, a whole bunch of people from different publishers come to visit me. They have there huge grins on their faces and tell me, "So it looks like you're a big-shot now." But they always leave and never mention any type of new job for me. They just ask me, "So are the stories about that true?" It just makes me want to scream, "No, the anime is all over now!!"

I mean, I usually reveal the answers anyway. Somewhere. Either backstage, or in this paper blog, or maybe even in the manga. It's because everyone always thinks everything I write is a joke. If I say I'm going to sue someone, it's a joke. Oh wow, that big-shot manga artist sued someone in a court of law? Has society come to this?

And really, if it's just a joke, please treat it that way. This wholefiasco has been one was of ruining my storylines. Here I am, Humbly accepting my circumstances and trying to portray them in a silly and interesting manner, and people take them seriously. Where's the laughter?

It's awful.
It's a living Hell. Oh whoops, I mean a Dead Hell. Avici Hell. It's Jigoku ('Hell') Sensei Nude. No, that's an old story. I'm wearing clothes now.

Just by sharing stories about the deceased on his one-year dead anniversary, I've been drawn into legal battles. Really, being dead is no fun. It's like they poured oil on my remains and tried to burn me some more. Now there aren't even ashes left.

If any of you readers are able to commune with the dead, please let everyone know. "I have rolled over in my grave."

Its true that losing the color pages for my first series was a big deal. But, some manga artist don't have the oppotunity to lose their color pages. Some artist begin volume one chapter one in black and white.

The truth is, I had color pages for the first chapter. But then, when it got printed, it was in black and white. I drew it in color, but it got printed in black and white!

Couldn't they have just printed it in color!?

This is why you should never let the deceased tell their stories.

As a memorial service to the deceased, Kodansha supplied me with a few color pages for the first time in this manga volume. Since it's a memorial service, the price stays the same. Now I have no more regrets. I think I can finally attain Buddhahood.

Phew. Oh but wait, I'm still in the Avici Hell. This Avici Hell is a little warmer than that Avici Hell.


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