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Gon runs up the stairs at 0.0005kph whilst thinking to himself 'I would love a nice cream cake and a bowl of tea right now. I wonder if Killua has hair on his testicles yet?' His eyes gleam at the thought and a long stream of saliva dribbles down from his chin hitting the steps causing small splashes that glint in the light.

Meanwhile Killua casually scratches his butt and ponders the million ways he can coerce Gon into taking it up the pooper. He then begins wondering how long he could use his en during a fight with the king whilst calculating Pi to the 1000th digit.

At the same time Neferpitou is taking a piss marking out her territory. She has a fantasy about taking her king to to a quiet place and presenting him with her homemade bento. She gets him to say 'aah' whilst offering him a weiner shaped like an octopus and giggles to herself all the while fingering her erect nipples in a much aroused manner.

Does anyone else think this show is playing out like they are reading directly from the manga? I mean it's so full of slow progression and static characters whilst the narrator explains every fucking detail it's become tedious and annoying. How much more stretched can it fucking get?

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